Follow your passion
And come into action
An inner knowing
Mind blowing

What inspires
What do you desire
What puts your heart on fire
What makes you ‘fly higher’

What is the activity
Of your creativity
Follow that path
On your behalf

It is important to find your passion in life. It doesn’t matter what it is, it can be painting, dancing, singing, swimming, any kind of sport etc.  Whatever gives you  a good feeling in life, do it with passion.
Everybody is unique and has his/her special talents. It is hidden deep inside of you. Because of  ‘the system’ that we live in we have lost contact with that special part, but it is always there. You can’t force to find what it is. It will knock at your door over and over again until you open that door. It will be your special treasure, it will make you feel happy. Be surprised, it is ageless!

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SerialBrain2, (10-24-18)… “Trump told us where to find Q’s intel about the caravan”
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In pursuit of truth (and John-John & sheep & ducks) 10-24-18… “Q Anon – Q and A…”(and, “the caravan(s)”
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FULL ARTICLE Benjamin Fulford 10-22-18… “Saudi-Israel “axis of evil” being taken down by international alliance”
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A couple of 10-24-18 videos (x22Report/Jordan Sather) about “The Bombs” sent to deep state players…
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Soros’ son blames Trump and “demonization of opponents” for bomb packages

US economy about to collapse taking down dollar & American standard of living – Peter Schiff

Macron squirms when asked about France-Saudi arms sales

‘Bloggers’ blasted for questioning establishment ‘White Helmets’ narrative

ECB preview: What does Draghi really think about Italy

Markets in Turmoil: S&P,Dow Erase 2018 gains as Nasdaq crashes most since 2011

War Drummer explains why he took his urgent-emergency Video down about border protection (Video)
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Headlines and Updates for October 24, 2018: October surprise – or lies?(Videos)
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The Titanic: The fraud that keeps on giving
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Facebook bans 800 truth pages – Is YouTube next? – Brighteon
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After all the other climate warning predictions failed to materialize, the IPCC rolls out a whole new, scary “climate apocalypse” warning
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Whistleblowing Priests killed to prevent exposing pedophilia problem in the Catholic Church?
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Judge rejects Monsanto’s bid to overturn Glyphosate conviction but reduces punitive damages from $250 million to $39 million
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Health News:
Crystal structure reveals how cur cumin impairs cancer
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Fluoride literally turns the Pineal Gland to stone
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Who benefits from the measles vaccine? – Brighteon
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Microplastics in salt: Found in 90 percent table salt, adults ingest 2,000 microplastics each year

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Human footprints next to Dinosaurs 165 Million Years old, wow (Video)

World famous Dead Sea Scrolls at museum of the Bible ‘are fake’