In our show we are the star
At the end we say “au revoir”
We are well equipped
To play our own script

In fact we are actor AND editor
Victim AND ‘predator’
But one thing is for sure
Every role we must endure

May your performance
Be in accordance
With your actions
And may they give you satisfaction

It really is time to wake up!
As I said before, I don’t care which Political Party brings out the truth.
At this point I do believe President Trump is trying to bring down the ‘Deep State’ or “The Shadow Government’. But remember in the past the Republicans AND the Democrats have both been part of the same ‘Deep State’.
We as the people need to join together not in hate, but as one to demand that the Truth has to be told, no matter how ugly it will be!!!
Fly like an eagle, seeing every detail but still look at the bigger picture!
So please stay calm as it will all come out!

Citizens launch their own OCTOBER SURPRISE: AIM4Truth (Video)
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This is actually Health News, but it is very important to spread this article and to let people know what is actually IN our vaccines!!!
Dr. Paul Offit’s promotion for ‘BAD ADVICE’ falls flat
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Billions missing from frozen Gaddafi accounts in Belgium
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“We can’t be talking about gun bans:” Project Veritas catches another Gem Candidate hiding their progressivism

Leaked U.N. memo reveals Saudis demanded Western Propaganda for $1bn pledged to aid agency

Hundreds of Google employees plan walkout over accused sexual deviant’s $90 million exit package

Human remains found at Vatican’s Rome Embassy (Video)
Starship Earth: The Big Picture

Health News:
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Mystery Polio-like illness spreading; baffled CDC under fire; “Doesn’t appear to be transmissible”

Different News:
Mystery of ‘alien’ fast radio bursts deepens as study suggests they don’t transmit at low frequencies, making them invisible to many telescopes