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Wake up, The World needs a shake up

For eons, humanity has:

Been anxious
Lived on life’s ‘edge(s)’
Hid in trenches
Waited for the great adventure

Our bodies have been aching
From all the hating
While waiting
For the great awakening

Feeling hollow
From all the sorrow
It will be the same tomorrow

Not knowing which path to follow

But enough is enough
We never gave up
Wake up
And raise up

The old is going to break up
The world needs a radical SHAKE-UP

FULL ARTICLE Benjamin Fulford 11-12-18… “”Jesus Christ to Mary Asian Goddess” as East-West secret societies agree to save planet”
Kauilapele’s Blog

US-led aircraft evacuate Daesh terrorists from eastern Syria: report

November snow in Texas? Experts warn decreased Solar Activity will shatter all Global Climate models
The Economic Collapse

Truth serum? New CIA torture program’ docs shed light on post-9/11 Project Medication’

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Change you(r) won’t into you(r) will

You won’t

You don’t
You can’t
You shan’t

These words have been told
The most
Our outlook they controlled
We believed them blindfold
Use positive words
Make them your favorite verbs
They will never hurt
But change your whole world

You will is a wonderful skill
You do becomes your magical tool
You can for every woman en man
You shall has a new future to foretell

How the Bush Administration used the 2001 Anthrax attacks to manufacture consent for the Iraq War

How Yahoo hacked 3 billion user accounts & caused a global health hazard
Collective Evolution

United Nations Agenda 21, Smart Meters & reduced population
Activist Post

The biggest scam in The History of mankind
Natural News

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Our Society wants us to ‘multitask’

Multi tasking
Is asking
To be productive
And constructive

All at the same time
Don’t complain or wine
Your are the cornerstone
The families backbone

You need to be diverse
Being a nurse
A great cook
And read books

Manage the household
Be bold
Have a job
(Don’t) be a snob

Look great
Have a small waist
The perfect wife and mum
Always be fun

These qualities are the sum
Of being it all at once
Forever feeling responsible
It sounds like a mission impossible

MSU Professor & US Secretary of housing disclose reality of the Black Budget & Extraterristrials
Collective Evolution

#QAnon #Q posts #2479, 2490, 2492 (11-11, 11-12-18)… “Fascinating points about the 2018 election”
Kauilapele’s Blog

Dave Janda and Greg Hunter 11-10-18… “Voter fraud before, during & after the Midterm Elections”
Kauilapele’s Blog

Mark Taylor on the Mc Files show 11-8-18… “The election is NOT over”
Kauilapele’s Blog

European Central Bank in panic mode as economy stalls
Activist Post

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Wars only create destruction

It is the time again

To remember all women and men
Who died in The War, a terrible situation
Leaving behind families in desperation

Against other soldiers they did fight
Defending their Nation as their right
But in those countries also relatives cried
The enemies are the reason of loved ones that died

(World) Wars have no winners
They only made us bitter
Wars are never the answer
They only create disaster

Soldiers try to forget what they feel
Old memories bring them to their knees
Their Spirit they left on the battlefield

While their Hearts stay sealed

How strange it may sound

We may have a different background
But we can only win
When we realize that we are akin

Actually we are one big family
And the war of corruption is our real enemy

My father fought in the Second World War as a (Dutch) Volunteer in the American Army in Belgium and Germany. He felt it as his duty to join the army. At first I felt proud of what he did, but in the last years of his life a saw a man who greatly suffered from dementia, he relived the war over and over again.
He never really talked about the war, but he always taught me to not hate ’the people on the other side of the war’, they also lived in a desperate situation.
I am always grateful for these words of wisdom.
When I was young he was my hero, strong and optimistic, but the deep scars in his Heart never healed, because The War never left him!

Johnstone: The best way to honor War Veterans is to stop creating them

When the guns fell silent: Hear the eerie quiet that followed The End of WW1

Never forget: Honor but do not glorify
Starship Earth: The Big Picture

Episode 347 – The WW1 Conspiracy
The Corbett Report

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Little white feathers

I always look for little white feathers
In any type of weather
In grass or in heather
Little angels all together

I hold them real close
Let them tickle my nose
It is like a little game

I even give them names

Noel and Joel
Or Tinkerbell
Little feathers a story they tell
Angel words they spell

They are stellar
The naughty and the belle
What else can I say
With letters we play

I keep them in my note-book
A place where I often look

SphereBeingAlliance, Twitter… “Join FDP and DisclosureFest for a Global Mass Meditation THIS SUNDAY on 11.11.18″
Kauilapele’s Blog

California wildfires: Death toll rises to 24

Germany, France, UK, US and Saudi Arabia ‘have Khashoggi tapes’

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Every day we see
Products on our tv
And oh boy these ads
They make me mad:

When you get three
One is for free!
The sale makes people grin

Because you can only win!!!
Products for health and skin
Vitamines for pets also work for him
Your washing is brighter
Your teeth wither
Your house much cleaner
Your grass greener
Your eyes look bigger
Your hair thicker
Families so happy
Babies wear the ideal nappy
Your skin without spots
Those smooth legs look ‘hot’

Is there anything honest
What the ads promise?
At the end of the day when it is late
We have seen an awful lot of fake

But… I must admit some ads really make my day!!

Happy families while they might not know each other all?

Please share this information!!!
Sunday 11-11-2018 (11-11-11) is a very important day!
MEDITATING together on this day may have a great influence on the situation of Earth, may we create PEACE (Find the right timezone The Portal)
Time sensitive situation update
The Portal

Ex-Monsanto team leader blows the whistle on what GMOs do to Human Health
Natural News

Researcher jailed after uncovering deadly virus delivered through human vaccines
Collective Evolution

“How Central Bankers rigged the World”: An interview with Nomi Prins

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Many are seeking

If their life has a meaning:
The purpose of their being

And while time has passed
Many may have been biassed
Feeling like an outcast

But it is for certain
Every single life has a purpose
The being of a person

While another day goes by
Look each other in the eye
Realize that we are each others ally

How the full declassification of this FISA warrant could trigger the ‘great awakening’
Collective Evolution

Benjamin Fulford interview: Bonds are finally being accepted (Video)

Here’s the real reason election voting machines break down so much
Collective Evolution

Massive election rigging confirmed | Dave Janda (Video)
Starship Earth: The Big Picture

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When your Heart breaks…

When your heart breaks
The earth shakes
Making a new start
When your world fell apart
Before you pick up the pieces
Old emotions need to ‘deceease’
Feeling all that your life lacked
Filling up empty gaps

Coming face to face
At the very base
Of your being
No time for fleeing
When you are bleeding
Because wounds need healing

FULL ARTICLE Benjamin Fulford 11-5-18… “Saudi Arabia to be broken up; Isreal must choose between Netanyahu and Tel Aviv
Kauilapele’s Blog

x22Report video 11-7-18, “Elections went as planned…” (and explains the value of them out like they did)
Kauilapele’s Blog

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See each other as equals

(The day after the Midterm Elections.

I wish we would see each other as equals
No more deceitful, but peaceful
Nothing to gain in this competition
No more suspicion, but recognition

No more fighting and ‘biting’
But feeling exciting
I feel so tired

Living in a system that has expired

Don’ t fall in the same old trap
But take the next step
Be the New Patriots of Planet Earth
Reuniting our World

Stand up as One
It will overcome
Every difference
And bitterness

Democrats control of US House as Republicans keep Senate

Cobra Update 11-6-18… “Delta Option”
Kauilapele’s Blog

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I met an angel today

I saw an angel today
A little creature so divine
Innocent eyes looking in mine

I heard an angel today
A beautiful voice singing my love song
Reminding me of times long gone

I met an angel today
A stranger gave me a rose, I was confused
Because my heart was still bruised

I ‘felt’ an angel today

Warm arms offering protection
‘Pushing’ me in the right direction

An important role in my life they play
When I meet angels every day

#NeonRevolt 11-5-18 article, and my “get”… Numerology is being used by the Alliance to take out the cabal (11-11-11, anyone?)
Kauilapele’s Blog

Pentagon audit soon! (Missing trillions) & Navy’s role in Space Force (Secret Space Programs) Video
Destroying the Illusion

Q Election Day message Nov. 6, ~ “There was a Time”

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