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Big Companies


How can there be poverty
And many lives have no quality
While others live extraordinaire
Focusing on becoming a billionaire

Maybe there would be fewer
If they would invest in a “sewer”
Or companies with big names
Would stop selling products as a game

But support in clean water
For every son and daughter
In countries very poor
Where lives are unsure

Wealth is invested in few places
While there are many suffering races
Tell me, how can this be fair?
While they ONLY need their wealth to share!

Full Fulford Geopolitical Update for November 26, 2018 [test + video]
Starship Earth: The Big Picture

Chemical gas attacks strike Syria again, but this time Western mainstream media is silent
Collective Evolution

Alert! Deutsche Bank raided by 170 cops!! (Bix Weir)

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The Endgame


Let the Endgame unfold

It is the End of the Game
Big changes, nothing the same

The Grand Final
The end of rivals

Entering the next phase
When hate will fade

A new mission

Time for Humans
To start blooming


Stay calm, nothing is as it seems. Time to fly like the eagle, see the details but always keep the bigger picture in your mind!

Benjamin Fulford 11-27-18… “Emergency alert: North Koreans warn of Zionist plan to start WWIII in Korea and Crimea”
Kauilapele’s Blog

Kerch revelations! Ukrainian frigates and tugboat were filled to brim with weapons and ammo!
Futurist Trendcast

NBC News reporter admits Migrant Caravan predominantly men

U.S. Attorney takes first step toward prosecuting explosive destruction of World Trade Center on 9/11

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A Tornado of change


We are in a Tornado of change
Effecting the whole Human Race
In the eye of the needle
Scared as a weasel
Waiting for the countdown
And when it ‘touches down’
It will change our anatomy
Drastically, dramatically
See it as Earth’s graduation
Effecting us and next generations
When no longer condemned
There is much to mend

From seeing the differences
To reforming our principles
We are the Citizens
Implementing what is significant

News: 11-24-18… “Arkansas circle The Drain” (or, “Yes, arrests really are happening…)
Kauilapele’s Blog

TRUMP has 30 days to act | Dr. Dave Janda

Major Psy-op in Europe exposed: UK Government tramples on values it vowed to protect

CIA conspiracy SHOCK: claims agency ‘interfered in top-secret meeting’ (of the Bilderberg’s group)

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‘On a social media sea’ we float’
Afraid to miss the boat
Always on the phone
Afraid of being alone

Even if we feel less
And stressed
We still want to impress

On our daily “stage”
We even lie about our age:
It is a fact
Our life is an act

It is our concern
Because we yearn
To seek for the real person:
Our own authentic version

Benjamin Fulford 11-26-18… “Rothschild rule ends after 250 years; new era to begin
Kauilapele’s Blog

SGTReport 11-25-18… “[D5] Nothing can stop what is coming”
Kauilapele’s Blog

Tracy Beanz 11-23-18… “MUST WATCH: Time Canova – A fight for FL District 23″
Kauilapele’s Blog

Ukraine to impose Martial Law after Russia “fires at Ukraine ships”, seizes three vessels off Crimea

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Stillness… only a song of a bird

Stars shine their light

The moon is bright
The sun said good night
Everything is alright

Just a little breeze
Through the trees
All is at PEACE
When wars cease

At dawn: Stillness, no word
But my heart was stirred
When I woke up and heard
The beautiful song of a bird

Breaking: Anonymous releases Documents revealing Uk & US funded disinformation PsyOp
Collective Evolution

The antidote to the Deep State/Cabal
Collective Evolution

Retired Marine on Operation” Hot musket & his intel (Video)
Starship Earth: The Big Picture

X22 Reports for November 23, 2018: Financial and Geopolitical (Videos)
Starship Earth: The Big Picture

Robert Steele: Mr. President, the CIA recording of bin Salman is a fake – HOLD THE LINE! (Who knows!)
Starship Earth: The Big Picture

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News November 23, 2018

Very interesting to read, talking about fake news
Inside The British Army’s Secret information Warfare Machine

Take heed Italy, Brussels doesn’t care one whit about you

Reaping the fruits of college indoctrination

UN environment Chief resigns after racking up huge carbon footprint

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When we arrive on this planet…

When we arrive on this planet

Our parents panic
We can say it bluntly
A child costs an awful lot of money
In their future they invest
Even more they seem to expect!

Maybe our child will become a greatness
Not nameless but very famous
So much to achieve and to excel
To become a next Alexander Bell
Or a Tesla, an Einstein
No not Epstein or Weinstein!
Maybe a Professor of the Heart

Or what about Mozart or Bach
Not only just be a resident
But maybe become the next President

All they do is ‘measure’
Putting children under pressure
Don’t overload  them with stuff
But surround them with love
For every dear child I pray
That you will be able to shine your own ‘sun’ ray

When we look back on the upbringing of our children we can see our ‘mistakes’.
Today my husband and myself became grandparents for the first time! I wish this baby girl and every other child the very best in life! It will also be a test to find out if I walk my talk with my grandchild;)).

I don’t know if I will be ‘posting’ anything this weekend.

Energies (Part 2)

Energies run through organs and veins
Energies go to our brains
It is what our feet need
But It also makes our heart beat
This golden rule
Has always been ridiculed
Now it is time to explore

What scientists have completely ignored
On Earth this idea fell out of grace
Because it wasn’t evidence-based
This now may reverse
Everything we know about our Universe
It will change our day and nights
It will influence our rights
Our future will become bright
With this completely ‘new’ insight

We get our energy from our food and drinks. But we have an energy system that we seem to ignore. Our body has its own ‘Meridian System’. In the ‘West’ we don’t recognise it because it is difficult to detect. Actually this system is thousands of years old and ancient cultures already knew used it.
When this energy system becomes blocked, we can use acupuncture to stimulate or reduce the flow of energy.

(This is the second article about energies, yesterday I published the first one!)
World of free energy

American Intelligence Media
Galt: The best kept secret in the World that could free humanity with unlimited free energy

A great Video, must watch

FULL ARTICLE Benjamin Fulford 11-19-18.. “Archcriminal Netanyahu seek immunity by squealing on his bosses”
Kauilapele’s Blog

Edge of Wonder: Who funded the Caravans? ~ and disclosurefest recap

An iPOT and x22Report video 11-21-18… “… Nothing can stop what is coming…”
Kauilapele’s Blog

NeonRevolt 11-21-18… “[D]-Day will bring down the House. #NewQ #QAnon #GreatAwakening #PANICInDC #NEONREVOLT”
Kauilapele’s Blog

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Energies (Part 1)

We take it everywhere
The energy that we ‘wear’
When some one passes us
It may feel like a ‘wind gust’
Others feel unpleasant cold as ice
Or maybe lovely and nice
Energies can fill a whole room
Impress us like a ‘strong perfume’

Energies can clash
Or feel ‘fresh’
It is important to clean
Our energies unseen
Other energies we detect
It is how we connect
And when they ‘stream’
We can make a great team

It is not just a ‘rumour’:

Energies will be important in our (near) future

Nothing is solid & everything is energy – Scientists explain the World of Quantum Physics (I also published this article yesterday)
Collective Evolution

The new Science: We are made of Energy, not Matter

Is everything in this Universe pure Energy?

Stock Market crash: The Dow has fallen nearly 2,500 points and FAANG Stocks have lost a Trillion Dollars in value
The Economic Collapse

“Nothing is working”: Stunned investors observe The Market Carnage in shock

Deutsch Bank’s New $150B Whistleblower scandal to destroy EVERYTHING!! (Six Weir)

Deutsche Bank, again?

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We always blame ‘God in Heaven’

Twenty-four-seven we question

If there is ‘A God in Heaven’
We blame ‘him’ for the hunger
And thunder
For disease
And lack of peace

But it is WE who made the rules
Who fill our World with untruths
WE decide how much someone is worth
And what people deserve

It is WE who preach our religion
Who create a war of division
It is OUR free will
To fill empty feelings with a pill

It is OUR responsibility
To be of civility
To care for the Human Race
To grant every being a safe place
WE need to break with bad habits
And to look after our precious Planet

We always look up to find ‘A God in Heaven’ sitting on a cloud, judging us all day long. We look outside ourselves to blame ’someone’ for all our misery. And I admit there are many things happening on earth that are sooooo un-human but we forget that WE are the ones who created the circumstances and we also seem to accept them! We seem to obey all the rules that have been made up by ‘organizations’ or ‘a group of people’. We blindly follow these rules because we don’t think for ourselves if we really want to live this way. We are the majority and as long as we accept our life as it is, it won’t change. We all have ‘a God spark’ inside of us and it means that we are creators. It means that we have to work together and to look past our differences to break down the old, to be able to build a new future for us and for our children and grandchildren.

Dave Janda 11-19-18 Video… “A Trump Thanksgiving vs a Obama/Clinton Thanksgiving’ (aka, ‘the real Thanksgiving story”)
Kauilapele’s Blog

An inside look at how US-funded Fascists in Ukraine mentor US white supremacists

Late Headlines for November 19, 2018: Trump’s Mission–Order out of chaos [Videos]
Starship Earth: The Big Picture

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