We may recognise the inner struggle

Just like a married couple
The brain feels it is grand

Always giving commands
It knows everything better
It forever seems to netter
But your Heart is full of grace
It is a divine place
Filled with bliss

And with everything you wish
It is your instinct
A knowing in an instant

FULL ARTICLE Benjamin Fulford 10-29-18… “Message to the banking elite: Trick or treat”
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Whistleblower says Bishop knew of sexual abuse allegations, but did nothing

Report finds UN employs 3,300 Pedophiles, responsible for 60,000 rapes in last 10 years

The EU’s link tax will kill open access and Creative Commons News
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Government Research confirms Measles outbreaks are transmitted by the vaccinated (Although this belongs to ‘health news’ I believe it is important to know, that even vaccinated people can spread a disease)
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Important Knowledge: ‘”They had the Power’: Former Satanic High Priest says christian prayers hindered him from carrying out Evil”

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Former nurse at Phoenix Children’s Hospital speaks out against medical kidnapping of children
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Vaccine extremist and industry insider Dr. Paul Offit losing credibility with the Public
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Strawberries top the dirty dozen list again as the most pesticide-ridden crop you can eat
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5G Towers are showing serious Health effects
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Top 10 sinister facts behind Historic Heroes (Well it is certainly a different way of looking at our Hero’s if it is true:))
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Health Insurance companies invest Billions in… FAST FOOD CHAINS

First Extraterrestrial Humans expected to be born in 2024
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