We watch movies and series about heroes

With Jolie, Cruise and de Niro
They do incredible things
Knowing the hero always wins

But what about the heroes in our lives?
Just ordinary husbands and wives
Every day millions strive
For another day to survive

What about the people in war zones?
Running away from a killer drone
From hurricanes and typhoons
Many feel they are left on their own

What about people fighting diseases?
Others are struggling with inner demons
The lives of families fall into pieces
When their lack of money increases

Actually being a hero in a movie is easier
Because dealing with real Life is ‘Fiercer’
Remember: We ARE our everyday Hero
You see one when you look in the mirror

This ‘ordinary’ lady (a retired nurse) tells the CDC Advisory Committee what she thinks about flu shots (she also talks about children’s vaccines)
For me this lady is a Hero. It is time for ‘ordinary’ people to PLEASE speak out, because WE are the ones who need to do it!:
(Published by Erin Elizabeth at Health New News)

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Health News:
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