I saw an angel today
A little creature so divine
Innocent eyes looking in mine

I heard an angel today
A beautiful voice singing my love song
Reminding me of times long gone

I met an angel today
A stranger gave me a rose, I was confused
Because my heart was still bruised

I ‘felt’ an angel today

Warm arms offering protection
‘Pushing’ me in the right direction

An important role in my life they play
When I meet angels every day

#NeonRevolt 11-5-18 article, and my “get”… Numerology is being used by the Alliance to take out the cabal (11-11-11, anyone?)
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Pentagon audit soon! (Missing trillions) & Navy’s role in Space Force (Secret Space Programs) Video
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Pakistan initiates mass crackdown on Soros funded NGOs
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Global Stocks plunge again and a former Reagen Administration official is warning of a “40% crash”
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Long-time NASA Scientist blows the whistle on tall black Extraterrestrial Beings
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What consumers really should know about Microwave & Smart technologies before it’s too late

Biometric ID for travel goes Global with new CBP Tourism partnership
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Health News:
Protocol for Pertussis Immunisation and Food Allergy (PIFA): a case-control study of the association between pertussis vaccination in infancy and the risk of IgE-mediated food allergy among Australian children

Measles-mumps-rubella vaccination timing and autism among young African American boys: a reanalysis of CDC data
Translational Neurodegeneration

New Hepatitis B Vaccine studies show disastrous results from vaccinating all newborns
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Different News:
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Other News:
Election days Messages ~ Empowering Divine Government PatricaiCotaRobles & Liz Crokin: Vote Republican to empower the Light and disempower the darkness