When your heart breaks
The earth shakes
Making a new start
When your world fell apart
Before you pick up the pieces
Old emotions need to ‘deceease’
Feeling all that your life lacked
Filling up empty gaps

Coming face to face
At the very base
Of your being
No time for fleeing
When you are bleeding
Because wounds need healing

FULL ARTICLE Benjamin Fulford 11-5-18… “Saudi Arabia to be broken up; Isreal must choose between Netanyahu and Tel Aviv
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x22Report video 11-7-18, “Elections went as planned…” (and explains the value of them out like they did)
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Another opinion about the Elections;))
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Major math error puts widely-cited Global warming study on ice

Health News:
Medical Officer of major Cancer Center resigns after receiving millions from Big Pharma
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Scientists have confirmed a new DNA structure inside Human cells

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Harvard Researchers believe this cigar-shaped UFO may be an Alien craft
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