(A lion expresses power, at least for me;)))

We go to church to find all life’s answers
Visit a special school to become a dancer
For anxieties we go to a psychologist
For cancer we see an oncologist
We believe we are small and vulnerable
Feeling uncomfortable and miserable
Many times overwhelmed
Because we know nothing about ourselves
We go to schools and universities
But what do we know about eternity
Science doesn’t acknowledge spirituality
Or wonder about life’s mysteries

In fact WE are the GENIUS
It is hidden in our genes
Our own beautiful biology
Our self-healing technology
It functions very natural
And  accurate
Time to do our own self-study
Find out what has been buried
Hidden in inner chambers
Layer after layer

And make it our mission
To restore our intuition

Take back our own POWER
Every minute every hour

From day one when children become part of this wonderful World they unfortunately are ‘manipulated’ to fit in life on this planet.  We don’t do it on purpose but I believe as a parent you want your child to function in our system. At least that was what I tried to do with my own children;))
As a parent you give your best advise, and when they go to school they learn about math, grammar, history etc. But these subjects could be given in a very different interesting way, more through ‘exploring’ to find your answers.
I believe our biggest problem is that we don’t learn about ourselves. About our own qualities, to find out who we are. What makes us laugh or cry. Learn about self-esteem and empathy. Children should be able to play, sing and dance, create etc every single day also at school, not to become the best but to use their creativity to express themselves in different ways. We should learn to respect our bodies and to become responsible for what we eat and drink, to find out how our body functions. What feels good for you doesn’t mean it is also good for your friend.
We could look after a small garden at school (or at home) look after pets interact with elderly people  It could become an important part of our lives. (I know there are many schools around the World already integrating many projects into their school programs, but I believe it should become first in every school)
We should learn about our dreams and fantasies. Learn that everybody is an unique individual with their own specialities and qualities and also respect every single being on this planet, because in fact we are all one!
Well it isn’t only good for children to find out who they are, but for grown ups it could be very useful as well ! We have to start somewhere….
Of course a psychologist can be very helpful  to find out who you are.The problem is that they learn everything out of a book!.
Kinesiology (Touch for Health) can be of great help in your struggle of life finding you own way, in fact any technique that makes ‘contact’ with your subconsciousness.

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