Writing is a pleasure

It feels like my “treasure”
Something we can not measure

I can’t put it on a scale
It doesn’t have a head or a tail
It’s female nor male

Creativity is entrancing
It is a way of enhancing

It is a reflexion
Of an impression

Rhyming another word
Is creating my own earth
THAT’s what its worth

We all have our own way to express ourselves. Painting, dancing being active in sports connecting to nature etc anything that makes you feel good. It is a way to express what you feel, to get rid of negative feelings or to express joy and things that make you feel happy.

Benjamin Fulford 11-19-18… “Archcriminal Netanyahu seeks immunity by squealing on his bosses”
Kauilapele’s Blog

South Florida Sun Sentinel 11-18-18… “Brenda Snipes submits resignation as Broward elections supervisor”
Kauilapele’s Blog

Corey Goode intel update ;11-17-18… “Tetired ‘Dark Fleet’ surgeon, known as ‘BONES’, provides a full briefing to the SSP Alliance”
Kauilapele’s Blog

Therapists speak out on Ritual Abuse

HighimpactVlogs 11-10-18… “0:03 / 16:45 WOW!! Watch CNN accidentally air the Truth about the #BORDERLINE “event” while lying
Kauilapele’s Blog

Dr. Michael Salla, Exopolitics.org 11-18-18… “Above Majestic Producer reveals Secret Space Programs Disclosures & Document dumps imminent”
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As we know VIDEO 11-18-18… “SerialBrain2: Q2493 53-47. President Trump confirms Q. again”
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Gab thumbnails are back (baby!!… so I’ll continue to post there…
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Headlines & Updates for November 19, 2018 (Videos)
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How the Cabal took over America 101: Parts 1 & 2 (Videos)
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Washington DC: The Highway to Hell | War Drummer (Video)
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Sunday digest Intel and Updates for November 18, 2018: That rocky road to Freedom (Videos)
Starship Earth: The Big Picture

Spentagon: DOD fails its first-ever complete audit (Video)

/Metal/Houses and cars are incinerated while /Organic biomass/ such as trees nest to structures remain green: “California lightning” aka D.E.W.: Directed Energy Weapons and Defensive Electronic Warfare denied every way as drones evade watch delivering “Extreme Weather”
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Why the EU can’t save Iran

The Eurozone Banks’ Trillion-Dollar timbomb

Italy throws down the Gauntlet to challenge The Brussels Establishment

’Nothing is solid & everything is energy’ – Scientists explain The World of Quantum Physics
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Critical fight a UN convention on biological diversity

Heath News
Scientists replies to the Medical Industry’s false claims about aluminum safety
Collective Evolution

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