Twenty-four-seven we question

If there is ‘A God in Heaven’
We blame ‘him’ for the hunger
And thunder
For disease
And lack of peace

But it is WE who made the rules
Who fill our World with untruths
WE decide how much someone is worth
And what people deserve

It is WE who preach our religion
Who create a war of division
It is OUR free will
To fill empty feelings with a pill

It is OUR responsibility
To be of civility
To care for the Human Race
To grant every being a safe place
WE need to break with bad habits
And to look after our precious Planet

We always look up to find ‘A God in Heaven’ sitting on a cloud, judging us all day long. We look outside ourselves to blame ’someone’ for all our misery. And I admit there are many things happening on earth that are sooooo un-human but we forget that WE are the ones who created the circumstances and we also seem to accept them! We seem to obey all the rules that have been made up by ‘organizations’ or ‘a group of people’. We blindly follow these rules because we don’t think for ourselves if we really want to live this way. We are the majority and as long as we accept our life as it is, it won’t change. We all have ‘a God spark’ inside of us and it means that we are creators. It means that we have to work together and to look past our differences to break down the old, to be able to build a new future for us and for our children and grandchildren.

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