Energies run through organs and veins
Energies go to our brains
It is what our feet need
But It also makes our heart beat
This golden rule
Has always been ridiculed
Now it is time to explore

What scientists have completely ignored
On Earth this idea fell out of grace
Because it wasn’t evidence-based
This now may reverse
Everything we know about our Universe
It will change our day and nights
It will influence our rights
Our future will become bright
With this completely ‘new’ insight

We get our energy from our food and drinks. But we have an energy system that we seem to ignore. Our body has its own ‘Meridian System’. In the ‘West’ we don’t recognise it because it is difficult to detect. Actually this system is thousands of years old and ancient cultures already knew used it.
When this energy system becomes blocked, we can use acupuncture to stimulate or reduce the flow of energy.

(This is the second article about energies, yesterday I published the first one!)
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