Very interesting to read, talking about fake news
Inside The British Army’s Secret information Warfare Machine

Take heed Italy, Brussels doesn’t care one whit about you

Reaping the fruits of college indoctrination

UN environment Chief resigns after racking up huge carbon footprint

Hillary Clinton urges Europe to halt immigration wave she helped create

Robert Steele: Trump-Putin-XI: Reflections on what is not visible…

Killing fellow humans on the other side of the planet – “We kill because we can’ – Ten years: 352 Drone strikes; 3,248 killed, 50 percent civillians
Abel Danger

Dan Bongino 11-15-18… “Obama, Mueller and the biggest scam in American History”
Kauilapele’s Blog

(When I hear our news outlets talk about criminals, I feel so frustrated, because the real criminals are in ‘important’ places. Untill now they were the ‘untouchables’)
CIA’s Vietnam illegal drug trafficking, JFK’s Assassination
Covert Geopolitics

Con air Serco’s Al Gore dead-pool patents – Isham’s Air France drag and drop – McVicar Bridge of pride
Abel Danger

Facebook censors a video detailing the true story of Christopher Columbus
Collective Evolution

The Media won’t tell you why the price of oil is really low
We Are Change

Thanksgiving Edition of the ’Truth, Honor & integrity show’ for November 21, 2018 | Thomas Williams
Starship Earth: The Big Picture

The other shoe just dropped in Paradise, California: Residents banned from returning due to “Health Hazards”
Starship Earth: The Big Picture

Health News:
Study links statins to 300+ adverse health effects
Collective Evolution

Age-old recommendation of taking one aspirin a day revealed as a “medical myth” with zero real benefits
Natural News

Different News:
Have astronomers found another “Alien Megastructure: Star?