When we arrive on this planet

Our parents panic
We can say it bluntly
A child costs an awful lot of money
In their future they invest
Even more they seem to expect!

Maybe our child will become a greatness
Not nameless but very famous
So much to achieve and to excel
To become a next Alexander Bell
Or a Tesla, an Einstein
No not Epstein or Weinstein!
Maybe a Professor of the Heart

Or what about Mozart or Bach
Not only just be a resident
But maybe become the next President

All they do is ‘measure’
Putting children under pressure
Don’t overload  them with stuff
But surround them with love
For every dear child I pray
That you will be able to shine your own ‘sun’ ray

When we look back on the upbringing of our children we can see our ‘mistakes’.
Today my husband and myself became grandparents for the first time! I wish this baby girl and every other child the very best in life! It will also be a test to find out if I walk my talk with my grandchild;)).

I don’t know if I will be ‘posting’ anything this weekend.