‘On a social media sea’ we float’
Afraid to miss the boat
Always on the phone
Afraid of being alone

Even if we feel less
And stressed
We still want to impress

On our daily “stage”
We even lie about our age:
It is a fact
Our life is an act

It is our concern
Because we yearn
To seek for the real person:
Our own authentic version

Benjamin Fulford 11-26-18… “Rothschild rule ends after 250 years; new era to begin
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Ukraine to impose Martial Law after Russia “fires at Ukraine ships”, seizes three vessels off Crimea

(Here we go again, accusing Russia of everything)
Russia “indisputably” greater threat than ISIS and Al-Qaeda, British Army chief warns

Britain, Brexit, EU and threatening Russia
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Now they want to make ‘chemtrail-spraying’ legal!!!
I saw this article on the Dutch site
Dimming the sun: The answer to global warming?
Stop global warming by dimming the SUN! UV-blocking aerosols could be sprayed into the stratosphere by 233 (but some warn the results will be ‘catastrophic’)

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New study reveals surprising truths about conspiracy theories
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Platinum club: Russia, S Africa solidify control over 80% of key precious metal

Health News

Organ removal and Health effects: What to do for missing gall bladder/appendix/thyroid, tonsils [Video]

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The Oral History of John Titor, the man who traveled back in Time to save the internet

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