We are in a Tornado of change
Effecting the whole Human Race
In the eye of the needle
Scared as a weasel
Waiting for the countdown
And when it ‘touches down’
It will change our anatomy
Drastically, dramatically
See it as Earth’s graduation
Effecting us and next generations
When no longer condemned
There is much to mend

From seeing the differences
To reforming our principles
We are the Citizens
Implementing what is significant

News: 11-24-18… “Arkansas circle The Drain” (or, “Yes, arrests really are happening…)
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Scientific integrity dismantled at EPA
(Biosludged movie trailer 2 – the criminal corruption of the EPA
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Soros’ “Open Society” driven out of Turkey amid probe into terrorism ties

CIA documented shows what happened after the KGB shot down a UFO
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‘Paradise in hell.. Directed Energy Weapons..??
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Health News:
The hidden history of the polio vaccine and how it impacts today’s acute flaccid myelitis: An interview with Walter Kyle. Esq. former Vaccine Court Claimants’ Attorney
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Johns Hopkins all Children’s Hospital to deny Medical services to unvaccinated children
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‘Alien skull found in North China, UFO scholar claims

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