Child (human) trafficking
Is happening
Saddening, baffling
In front of our eyes
They pay a very high prize
For their lives
Children used, abused
There is no excuse
Forever bruised

This is one of the most difficult subjects to talk about. We still look away when we hear disturbing stories about Child trafficking (abuse).
On 7-12-17 President Trump signed 3 Historic Human trafficking bills
But it is still happening on a very large-scale. It is the most serious crime in the Human History. It happens every day, not only at home but everywhere, on every level in our Society. We don’t want to believe that people in very high places abuse children!!!
We can not and must not tolerate child trafficking/abuse!
We know what happened in Churches,
We know what Jimmy Savile did
And what about Jeffrey Epstein and many many other ‘important’ people!
But we still don’t believe in a Pizzagate. This is what Wikipedia says about Pizzagate one day soon we will wake up and find out what Pizzagate was all about
We need to RAISE UP to protect our children, and the time is NOW!
I believe we are part of the problem as long as we keep ignoring this very serious subject!

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