Love you can not order
Love does not stop at a border
It passes through a door, a wall
Love is always on call

Let it be a new trend
To share it with your friends
You can’t hold it on a thread

But insteadLove you can spread

Love is all you need
Plant a love seed
From your head to your feet
Feel it in every heart beat

And we know 12-4-18… “Q 12-4-18… “Q 12.4.2018 You don’t want to miss this! Great awakening is HERE!” Video
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The Deputy who wore a Qanon patch when meeting VP Pence has been demoted
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Trump approached Putin at G20, conversation lasted 10 to 15 minutes – Moscow

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The “Illuminati” have a secret Message for us in 2019 (Video)

Late Updates for December 4, 2018: USPS closed Dec 5 + X22 financial & Geopolitical Reports
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House Hearing on Criminal Clinton Foundation sought
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Another quantum theory emerges suggesting creation didn’t start with The ‘Big Bang’
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Health News:
Lemon and baking soda – This combination could save lives
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The science speaks for itself: Artificial sweeteners trigger glucose intolerance
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High doses of vitamin C cured a patient of Zika virus – medical report
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Different News:
Scientist says Earth may have been visited by aliens

Have ‘super intelligent’ aliens already visited Earth? NASA scientist warns that ‘extremely tiny’ visitors could have been too small for us to spot

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New research shows you are literally wired for maximum human potential
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People know when they are dead, can be aware of their surroundings, schientist confirm