Goodbye my dear ‘dog friend’
You were Godsend
A beautiful creature I was able to lend
Thank you for all the time we spent

With you my dear I did bound
My lovely basset hound
Your life was never easy
At times you were quiet cheecky

They say pets carry our emotions
Without any notion
Thank you for your loving Soul
You played a beautiful role

First you didn’t want to leave

But when you went blind it was a relief
I let you go because I believe
That now you will live in peace

Today was the day that I had to let one of my dear dogs go. 3 Months after she was diagnosed with cancer in het mouth, it was her time. I feel sad although I know it is for the best.
In our part of the World it is Autumn, the rain mingles with my tears.
In this song ‘spring is in the air…Goodbye my friend it’s hard to die.
Terry Jack -Seasons in the sun (1974)

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