We are the beauty and the beast
We all have a Heart that beats
We are the wanderer and the queen
They both live inside of us, unseen

We are the day and  the night
Together they clash like dynamite
Every girl and every guy
Speaks the truth and tell a lie

We are a mixture of them both
Experiencing it all stimulates our growth

#Trumpeffect: Prez’ Syria 180 84 Christmas recess-brilliant! #Syria #Gatwick (Video)

Late Headlines and Updates for December 20, 2018: It’s getting really good now (Videos)
Starship Earth: The Big Picture

Bombshell: Christopher Steele admits he wrote “Russia dossier” so Hillary could challenge 2016 election results: Proof challenge 2016 election results proof Deep State is real
Natural News

[12.18] Space Command / quantum Initiative Act / Flynn / Vaccine Censorship / Trafficking News
Destroying The Illusion

The builder of NASA’s Apollo communications systems blows the whistle on Extraterrestrials
Collective Evolution

The psychological warfare behind economic collapse

Why the blue vest’s Movement could bring protests in France to a whole new level
Collective Evolution

Facebook has officially lost the public’s trust

Ron Paul: Warmongers upset with Trump’s  Syria decision

11:11 Quake is retribution to Deep State for Paradis Fires | Edge of Wonder interview with Dr. Michael Salla ( Video)

Judge Napolitano’s shocking transformation into Deep State Cheerleader

Health News:
Hemp is officially legalized as President Trump signs the new farm bill
Collective Evolution

Hospital privacy curtains found saturated with deadly superbugs
Natural News

Healthy triplets all autistic within hours of vaccination
Natural News

Scientific voices speak out unequivocally about vaccines and their dangers
Natural News

Pinterest bans Greenmedinfo for posting pear-reviewed research questioning vaccine safety
Collective Evolution

More dangerous than a nuclear weapon, Fantanyl – the herion-based prescription painkiller – could be the next WMD
Natural News

Insanity: Public schools ordered to teach little boys that males menstruate
Natural News

Different News:
Egyptian curse? Six archaeologists die mysteriously within months of opening sarcophagus

Ancient Mysteries and Science
MessageToEagle.com with AncientPages.com

The arteries of the world: Fascinating new map shows every ever basin on the globe with a different colour and width depending on water depth

Other News:
Solistice Full Moon…
World Metamorhposis