Death is what we fear most

Haunting us like a ghost
Visiting us in the middle of the night
Causing an inner fight
But when we accept the flight
It may lead us to the light
Tt is on call
When it is time for your Soul
So painful for those left behind
Who always stood by our side

Relieved from sorrow and rage
We enter a new stage
A different realization
A new situation
Say what you need to say

Say it in your own way
Tell it to you loved ones
You said it all when the time comes
Enjoy every second on Earth
And try to accept death as a re-birth


Every minute people are crossing over to the other side. When someone is old, it is more acceptable, but when it is someone young: A child, a mother, father … it hurts so much inside. At this very moment I know of some one who is crossing over. You can feel the pain of her leaving behind those she loves with her whole heart and you can imagine the pain of those she leaves behind. It is so painful especially when families come together to celebrate these days.

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