They say: Karma is a bitch
Be careful what you wish
What goes around
Comes around
Everything I do

To me or to you
Will reflect
And has an effect
Be aware of your actions
Live with compassion

It may be a challenge

To let go of life baggage
Release all the ‘damage’

To salvage your Soul Heritage

Operation Underground Railway 2018 report
Operation Underground Railroad (OUR) rescues trafficked children. Here’s their report on their activities during 2018

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Where are those nasty El-ites, away, you might ask? & more on internet/phone outages across America [videos]
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How government ruined higher education

Exit from The Matrix, old life, new life:entrances and exits

Health News:
A website exposing how much Big Pharma pays your doctor
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94 Year old Harvard-trained Medical Doctor censored for writing about Vaccine safety
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This cancer causing chemical is now showing up in 99% of all humans

Different News:
UFOs invade NYC | EBEs light up night sky | Media deny blue ET lights | Blame“transformer” | Lionel Nation [Video]
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Other News:
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