The Jimmy Dore show 1-4-19… Two videos illustrating “The MSM loves war” and “Elizabeth Warren sounds a lot like Trump”
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Three videos of 1-4-19… “An X22Report, a PrayingMedic, and a Lionel”
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New footage of the Queens New York “Transformer” Event [Video]
Starship Earth: The Big Picture

And We Know Video 1-4-19… “SerialBrain2: Trump’s Happy New Year tweed decoded. This is as real as it gets”
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Kevin Spacey: The Cabal’s loose end

Breaking: Mike Pence exposed in Indiana Pedogate
Abel Danger

The “Stock Market Crash of 2018” is rapidly transforming into “The Financial Crisis of 2019″
The Economic Collapse

Secret Societies

The Crypto Hype

Health News:
Collecting clean water from air

Shock: 90 percent of table salt contains tiny pieces of plastic
Natural News

Lawsuit contests constitutionality of the 1996 Telecom Act which doesn’t allow opposing Cell Towers due to Health risks
Natural News

The 4 greatest enemies of The State
Waking Times

Former Atmospheric Phiscist, MIT Professor Emeritus Richard Linden: Nasty politics behind Global Warming

Monetary Policy “reset’: From rhetoric to actuality

Pentagon UFO Chief says more disclosures are coming in 2019

Different News:
Renowned Scientist explains how the Earth is not a perfect sphere – but it’s not flat either
Collective Evolution

Bizarre particles keep flying out of Antarctica’s ice, and they might shatter modern Physics

Los Alamos Research explains how Terahertz waves tear apart DNA
Collective Evolution

Carbon is good: MIT chemical engineers create a material that can repair itself using carbon from the air
Natural News

Scientists just melted a hole through 3,500 feet of ice to reach a mysterious Antarctic lake

Other News:
Psychic mega-energy gets you prepped for the partial New Moon Solar Eclipse (Video)