Always good for the revenue

Every year our fashion is totally new
Stripes, dots or just plain blue
We even desire to stand in a queue

To find a matching bag and shoes

Designed for me and you:

Oh, yes it is true
Not only for Sally and Sue
But for Tom and Mike too!
And, designer outfits for the cabin crew

We first saw it hanging in 5th Avenue

Or in Paris ‘dans une fameuse Rue
Also Designer kitchens and BBQs

Amazing colours for Bathrooms and the loo
‘What to wear’ or ‘what to have’ is just another ‘society rule’

Benjamin Fulford 1-7-19… “Former Senate majority leader Harry Reid next cabalist to be executed as military tribunals begin”
Kauilapele’s Blog

Headlines and Updates for January 6, 2019: Battle Updates & agendas [Videos]
Starship Earth: The Big Picture

#Q #QAnon 1-6-19… another load of Q posts 2653-2663)… A couple of highlights
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The Jerome Corsi, PhD versus special Counsel Mueller legal fireworks begin
Activist Post

The incredible Mueller-Russia fiasco
Activist Post

Forgiven by Church: Pedophile Pries with HIV who raped 31 children

Congressowoman Rashida Tlaib exposed as paid for by Soros puppet in disclosed tax forms

The ugly truth (you won’t hear from the Fed)

Trump to Europe: You’re vassals and I don’t care

New studies show Pundits are wrong about Russian Social-Media involvement in US Politics

The Deep State’s Secret war on Russia

Dan Bongino 1-4-19… “The unhinged democrats”
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These are a few articles (all related to our money system) I found on the Dutch site
“It is well that the people of the nation not understand our banking and monetary system… ~ Henry
Meet the secretive group that runs The World Economic Consultative Committee (ECC)
Where has all Ukraine’s gold gone?

Health News:
Bill Gates ‘former Doctor says billionaire ‘refused to vaccinate his children’

Vaccine mandates are not merely about immunizations
Natural News

New CDC/FDA-approved Six-in-one Hexavalent vaccine-Vaxelis-for infants
Activist Post

Flight attendant warns: Avoid drinking the coffee in airplanes… the water may be contaminated
Natural News

Junk food causes nutrition deficiency: Soda and fast food cripple brain development, according to new study
Natural News

Let there be Lawsuits! Insurance underwriters have refused to cover the Tech Industry for 20 years
Activist Post

8 Populare Tea Bag companies that contain illegal amounts of deadly pesticides

Different News:
The next care bomb: Cars already on the road can be hacked and taken over, used to kill millions according to expert
Natural News

3D Printed brick generates electricity

Other News:
Our words literally change our brain, so speak your words carefully and with Love

Happy New Moon: An Astrological update from the Oracle Report | Laura Walker [Video]
Starship Earth: The Big Picture