At seven I wake up with a shock

Through the alarm clock
Now our lives start to rock
First I walk the dog around the block

The kids need to get out of bed
Eat some cereal or bread
We have a full day ahead
While I already have a pain in my head

Today is my day to carpool
I rush to take the kids to school

Be good, keep to the rules
And learn some new tools

I tell my son he has to play soccer
His shoes are still in his locker
At five take your sister to hockey
Don’t forget the appointment at the doctor

Now I must admit
I meet a personal trainer to keep fit

On internet I bought a super outfit
New sport shoes also belong to my kit

At six, a quick meal in front of the tv
No time to cook, we got some chinese
And while we sit in front of the screen
I fall asleep from fatigue

Already eleven o’clock, it went fast
Another ‘fun’ day past

Before I go to bed I have one more task
I need to take of my ‘daily mask’

Are our days filled with fun?
The whole day we are on the run
No time to enjoy the sun
Because we are never done!!!

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