For many parents is isn’t pleasant
To be in the presence
Of their adolescents
They are obstinate
And always debate
Many have lost their faith
What is wrong with them
Overwhelmed, not content
But in essence they are a precious gem

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Many adolescents (also younger children, grown ups) feel disconnected with their lives.They no longer relate to the lives their parents used to live. There is a feeling of hollowness, a feeling that their lives have no meaning. Personally I believe it is the reason why many people are dealing with addictions: Alcohol, drugs etc. They don’t want to  feel their emptiness. As a parent we always seem to want to give an advice to our children but is important to listen to what they have to say, and to give them a feeling that they are welcome, even if they don’t follow your path’. I don’t mean to spoil them life is not about having things, or following the believes of others, but it is finding the meaning of your own life.

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