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To live in simplicity
With dignity
And affinity
In the vicinity
Of divinity
In infinity

Bubbles of Heaven
Portal 2012

US withdrawal from NATO would benefit Americans most of all
Activist Post

The ‘Gilets Jaunes’ are unstoppable: “Now, the Elites are afraid”

Bush ran a secret National Security Teams as VP, says Seymour Hersh

Journalist given six months in prison for organizing Yellow vests protest on Facebook
Activist Post

Indictments unsealed
Starship Earth: The Big Picture

Shocking admission by FBI Veteran shows why the FBI shouldn’t exist

Federal Reserve confesses sole responsibility for all recessions

I thought Bill Gate’s was only into “vaccines” but now he is also into climate change!
(I do believe that our climate is changing, and also that we are polluting our planet, but I do not believe in the climate change story presented to us!)

UN Panel discusses ‘White Helmets; criminal activities, organ theft & false flag terrorism
Collective Evolution

Kentucky, Massachusetts, New Mexico, Virginia officials say no to “Smart” meters due to cost and ineffectiveness. Is your state still saying yes?
Activist Post

Future A.I. won’t need facial recognition to identify individuals in a Crowd: claim
Activist Post

Health News:
Medical Doctor responds to New York Times attacking vaccine skeptic
Health Impact News

A must see film. about young girls being severely damaged by HPV Gardasil Vaccins

Different News:
Ancient Mysteries and Science with

“Beings from the previous Eon” -Sir Roger Penrose and Joe Rogan: Is Alien life out there?

Illegal land grab and human right abuses

Other News:
Fight the estblishment’s narratives by getting clear on your own
Waking Times