One of Stanford’s most successful remote viewers shares his encounter with the real ‘Men in Black’
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Permanent war: Congress forbids NATO withdrawal

Africa shifts to Putin, not the other way around

Watch live: Yellow Vests rage for 11th straight week; Organizers plan night rallies, human chain of 50,000

Bailing out member states: The European (Dis)Union

King and Kennedy families speak out on assassinations
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1984: YouTube will demote conspiracy videos in its recommendation algorithm – A scary prospect for freedom of thought
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China responds to George Soros

What can you do to protect your kids from online pedophiles & predators
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How the elites are using “divide and rule” to control us

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Forget Google! Russian Yandex Self-driving car steals the show at American Tech Expo!
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The beauty of Baikal in winter! Tourists flock to Siberia to see this natural wonder!
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Scientists discover biophotons in the brain that could hint our consciousness is directly linked to light
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Please punt on your oxygen mask before assisting others
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Make every cell in your body awaken
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