CIA Documents claims cosmonauts used telepathy “To back up their electronic equipment’ in Space
Collective Evolution

Merkel & Macron apply sticking plaster on fracturing Europe

President Kennedy, The FED and executive order

The Black Vault – Air Force History Collection

Antarctica Whistleblower – Linda Moulton Howe live (01-23-2019)

Les Gilets Jaunes in America | Seething frog [Video]
Starship Earth: The Big Picture

Venezuelan Supreme Court fights back Deep State regime change
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Today’s use of technology: How far is to far?
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Google & Soros-backed ‘Fact-checkers’ join forces to control News Search results

Former Air Force Sgt who claimed he saw NASA photos of Alien Base on far side of Moon dies after tractor trailer hit his bike

Progressives helped pave the way for these “Russian asset” Bernie smears

America’s shameful war

Amidst Global Warming hysteria, NASA Scientists expect Global Cooling

No CNN… The US Intelligence Chief actually vindicated Trump’s Syria exit

3 Things I learned at Davos 2019

If The World understood sovereignty, it could end all our problems

Health News:
Top Organic Vitamin Company bought out by Nestle Foods Corporation for a cool $2.3 Billion

Studies warn geoengineering causes rise in global neurological diseases
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NFL legend Joe Montana leads $75 Million investment in Cannabis Company
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Other News:
Are you a ’truth seeker’ that’s upset with ‘asleep’ people? Read this.
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A quantum tide lifts all boats
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