From the time of our birth

We learned
To be concerned:

We heard that our lives hurt
Because we are nothing worth
To live we must earn

And…. we need to serve
While for freedom we yearn
Because THAT is what we deserve

We learned to serve ‘the few’ who dictate everything in our lives:
26 Billionaires own as much as World’s 3,8 billion people poorest people

Full Article Benjamin 1-28-19… “Cabal Venezuelan oil grab fails: U.S. corporation bankruptcy looms
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Cosmic Waves with Corey Goode & Joan Ocean, April 8-13, 2019 (on the Big Island of Hawaii)
Kauilapele’s Blog

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The making of Juan Guaido: How the US regime change laboratory created Venezuela’s coup leader

US caught helping ISIS Commanders escape from Taliban prison in Afghanistan (+Video)

Globalists want Venezuela as the next jewel in their crown
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Panic Propaganda – It’s what Government and mainstream media do best
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“Largest fleet of satellites in human history” Set to revolutionize Space-based spying

Belarus prostitute admits she fabricated Trump-Russia evidence claim

Staying warm during a winter power outage

Virginia becomes the 4th U.S. State in the past year to reject utility ‘smart’ metering plans

Health News:
Athlete confirmed to wheelchair after her third Cardasil Vaccine takes Merck to court
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The many bureaucracies of modern medicine
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Israeli scientists announce ‘complete cure’ for cancer is coming soon
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Natural NewsOpiate-based drug addiction and dealing prescription meds on the streets is easy to perpetuate – you just fake pain, get prescribed, use, sell, the repeat
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Energy drinks can cause heart disorders and trigger diabetes symptoms
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Watch the Medical Cannabis PSA that CBS banned from the Super Bowl

Different News:
The result of a Brazilian 20 year reforestation project of over 2.7 million trees

Scientists say their AI can translate human thoughts into speech

Study: “Unusual structures” on far side of the Moon could have been made by Extraterrestrials