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We lost our sensibility

And creativity
Because we are unplugged
From the feelings in our gut
It is for sure
It is why we became insecure
When our feelings are awakened
Creativity will be activated

(I totally agree with the comments made by David Wilcock on this article)
Full Article Benjamin Fulford 2-25-19… “Khazarian mafia play Trump blackmail card in final bid to avoid extermination”
Kauilapele’s Blog

SerialBrain2, 2-17-19… Two articles, one entitled “The Deep State’s new playbook against Trump” (links only)
Kauilapele’s Blog

James Gilliland, ECETI News 2-26-19… “Very large Galactic Federation ship will be here in the first week of March”
Kauilapele’s Blog

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What is our reality?

Everyday we live in the same routine

Because we seem to accept that scene
We get up, work and go to bed
A life that many of us dread
But all our principles
Are based on visions from ‘criminals’
Time for mind-blowing solutions
To build a brand new solid constitution 

We’re living in ‘The Groundhog Show’
Time to escape!
World Metamorphosis

#Q #Anon 2-26-19… Two (possibly significant) Q posts… (one related to the earlier David Wilcock synchronicity I had)
Kauilapele’s Blog

Edge of Wonder 2-26-19… “David Wilcock: ‘Deep State can’t stop the great awakening [Part 5]
Kauilapele’s Blog

Dr. Dave Janda 2-26-19… “President Trump & the deep state’s failed coup”
Kauilapele’s Blog

Global News 2-26-19 (well 2-27-19, in Hanoi)… “Vietnam barber marks second Trump-Kim summit with haircuts” #HanoiSummit (hilarious)
Kauilapele’s Blog

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I lived a lie


I committed a big ‘ crime’
To myself  I did lie

The one deceived was I
It was me who I denied
With me I did fight

Now, when I wake up in the night
I know that I will thrive
Because My Truth revived

We have been bought up with lies, because we didn’t know better.
We always thought that we were useless beings, worth nothing. We learned that we need to be competitive in our lives and to achieve something big. We learned that we don’t deserve to be happy and to live abundant. But now is the time to face those lies. Because we ARE Powerful Beings beyond words who DESERVE the very best!!!.

I completely agree with the comments of Kp and David Wilcock
David Wilcock response to Benjamin Fulford’s 2-25-19 article… “I call BS. Trust the plan.”
Kauilapele’s Blog

Third most powerful Vatican Official found guilty of child rape

Why the European debt crisis is likely to get worse [Video]
Activist Post

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Who is normal?

Why are we able

To give every one a label
Starting in the cradle

Do we have to perform
The same norm?

Who is to judge
Why do we need to adjust
Because we have a ‘smudge’

What if we lawfully
And formally
Label everyone as ‘normally’?

Although everybody is different, everyone is special: ‘Nobody on Earth is like you’!
I feel so sorry for all the people (often starting at a very  young age) who can’t find a ‘connection’ with other people because they look ‘different’ or act ‘differently’.
Please appreciate the person that you are!

Who are we to label each other? What right do we think we have to do this?  But who makes up the rules of society? Don’t we all have a label? Who is normal according to what?
All these expectations cause a lot of frustration and stress…

Documentary: The drugging of our children: Kid’s excessive medication – Dr. Mercola

Benjamin Fulford 2-25-19… “Khazarian mafia play Trump blackmail card in final bid to avoid extermination”
Kauilapele’s Blog

Edge of Wonder 20-22-19… “David Wilcock: ‘Alliance strikes back against Deep State”’ [Part 4]
Kauilapele’s Blog

Conrad Black exposes the greatest Constitutional crises since the Civil War

Secret Space Program experiencers continue to add weight to idea of breakaway civilization

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Love is in the air

Love is in the air
Love is everywhere

Feeling carefree
Enjoying your tea

A beautiful flower to see
A cat chasing a bee

A child sitting on the back of a bike
A dog and owner look-alike
A girl helps a lady cross the street
Feeling your very own heart beat

The sun and its rays
Displaying its beauty With grace
The moon showing your ‘shadow side
Accepting it seems alright

The greatness of oceans and the sea
Gives a feeling of little me
The wind through my hair
Touching the grass, my feet bare

A Child born in perfection
Pure and innocent in its reflection
All is part, a section
Of a love-connection

Benjamin Fulford 2-23-19 Video… “Zionist melt down”
Kauilapele’s Blog

Dr. Dave Janda on X22Report 2-23-19… “Blocks removed, the [DS] is in panic, they are about to be brought down”
Kauilapele’s Blog

David Wilcock is now live 2-23-19… “Stunning new Antarctic SSP insiders!: (2-4 HST; 0000-0400 UTC)
Kauilapele’s Blog

Dr. Michael Salla, 2-22-19… “Navy insiders corroborate Secret Atarctic Space Fleet & mission to Qumuamua”
Kauilapele’s Blog

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The EU

Is the exit
Out of the crew
Of the EU

A Union that causes confusion

Is an illusion
Protecting us against aggression
Is their ‘biggest ‘obsession’
While ‘poor’ countries becoming poorer
With the EU as their ruler
Citizens of ‘rich’ countries pay the bill
For European Banks that go down hill
While they believe to be triumphant
It is actually how it (dys)functions

Blain: European Banks are the most successful Ponzi scheme of all time

Salvini calls for elimination of Italy’s Central Bank, “Prison time for Fraudsters

“The Bekrshire Trade”: How Deutsche Bank conspired to conceal a $1.6 Billion loss

Deutsche Bank and the fraud of too-big-to-fail

The final version of Europe’s “Meme ban” is here and it’s worse than we thought
Activist Post

Big banks money laundering: UBS fined $4.2 billion, Danske shuts down in 4 countries
Activist Post

Whistleblower shares “Standard Practice”, Central Banks System of control w/Mads Palsvig
Sarah Westall

These 17 people have secret meetings with the FED and treasury to change markets! [Video]

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Think out of the box

Let go of what you thought
When your mind gets caught
Let go of who you were
And what you once heard
Let go of what you saw
And feelings that went sore

The mind needs to unlock
To think out of the box
Don’t get to serious
Open up to a new experience
And surrender

To a new adventure

Listen and become the New HUman
The Shift of Time and Energy

FBI Official admits to infiltrating Trump Campaign – Just don’t call it spying
(Link in this article)The George Papadopoulos Interview you’ve been waiting

Political bombshell puts Netanyahu re-election in doubt

Blain: European Banks are the most successful Ponzi scheme of all time

Is Tulsi Gabbard for real? America is ready for a genuine peace candidate

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News February 21, 2019

Full Article Benjamin Fulford 2-18-19… “Bankrupt US government issues fake bonds in doomed attempt to keep afloat”
Kauilapele’s Blog

The U.S. consitution has failed

Russiagate in flames: No evidence of collusion, new findings  challenge DNC hack narrative

The truth about “Conspiracy Theories”

“The Berkshire Trade”: How Deutsche Bank conspired to conceal a $1.6 Billion loss

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Do we really care about our Planet?

We love to be in nature

And wonder about her creation
We go for a walk
We picnic and talk
We go for a swim
It keeps us fit and slim

In the end we leave the mess
An awful lot of trash
Nature we neglect

Nature we disrespect
We no longer mind
To leave everything behind

We talk about climate change all the time, but in the meantime in our everyday life we pollute Earth in every single way!
Think about the waste, the wars, the hate, the envy, suppression, misinformation, lies propaganda  etc etc etc etc

Talking about propaganda….
Staged chemical attack videos and other trends in modern propagenda

5G Is the “stupidest idea in the History of The World” – Washington State Biochemistry/Medical Science prof
Collective Evolution

Edge of Wonder 2-19-19… “David Wilcock: ‘Alliance vs Deep State: The final showdown!… DW best interview ever!”’ [Part 3]
Kauilapele’s Blog

eBay founder Pierre Omidyar is funding a Global Information War
Covert Geopolitics

“I’m committing Professional suicide”: CBS star reporter admits “mostly liberal” journalists are now “political activists”

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The Full Moon

Here she comes the full Moon

Shining into my bedroom
But for heaven’s sake
Why is she keeping me awake
I am haunted by nightmares
Being chased by a black bear
These days are quiet tough
I need to release more old stuff
When feelings are in conflict
They need to be fixed

Full Moon approaches…
World Metamorhposis
Supermoon illumination
Super Full Moon tonight: The Oracle report and some interesting background [Videos]
Starship Earth: The Big Picture
Supermoon in Virgo
Balancing practical matters with idealism
Collective Evolution

The full moon is the time to get rid of old emotions, ‘things’ where we hang on to!

This is truly shocking news:
US Foster care supplies 88 percent of sex trafficked children, study finds

Ukraine embeds “irreversible” commitment to join EU/NATO into its constitution

“But they are dangerous!” European leaders shocked at Trump’s ISIS ultimatum

Warsaw and Munich: Whistling past NATO’s graveyard

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