There is a warning
For a Global Warming
But what is really going on
What is wrong

Going ‘from the hottest nights’
To ‘as cold as ice’
Is this the norm
Of being well-informed
Is Global Warming another hoax
Full of mirrors and smoke
Or is this just propaganda

Another item on the agenda

One thing is very clear: Our climate IS changing! Although we don not respect Earth and the environment, the story about CO2 doesn’t seem to be right.

Unprecedented Polar Vortex turns deadly as Arctic cold blasts majority of Americans
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Health News:
Scientist: Milk from cows has “The most relevant carcinogen ever identified” & turns on cancer”
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Nation leading Lawyers take on Gardasil Vaccine fraud in U.S. Court
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America’s fraudulent Organics Industry 40% of all organic food tested positive for prohibited pesticides
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Arizona bill propose full disclosure of vaccine ingredients and side effects
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Different News:
Former Oakland athletics slugger Jose Canseco says aliens are trying to teach us how to time travel
Jose Canseco says that aliens can teach us how to time travel

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CERN’s Large Hadron collider has been shut down for two years while they perform major upgrades

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Kp Message 2-1-19…
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