I am both a vassal
And the King of my Castle
The Queen in my World
Where my feelings stir
I also strive
To be the ‘love of my Life’
These ‘things’ I control
Because they are my own
This makes me dedicated
To see that every day of my life is celebrated

Instructing the Akash | Kryon – Voyages of Light – March 4 2018 voyagesoflight.blogspot.com

Call for the first “Assembly of the assembles” of the Yellow Vests

Goodbye “Freedom and Democracy” – Hello “rules-based International Order”

The Venezuelan Coup & Gilets Jaunes: Great Power politics in a multipolar World Order

Headlines and Updates for February 4, 2019: Year of the Pig  & big intel put out [Videos]
Starship Earth: The Big Picture

Late Headlines and Updates for February 4, 2019: Quite the news day [Videos]
Starship Earth: The Big Picture

Italian MEP: “The real fascists are in Brussels”

What if Trump said this at tomorrow’s SOTU?

Tulsi Gabbard slams “Neocon/Neolib warmongers” After NBC Propaganda exposed

Human Rights issues are Mandatory to address
Starship Earth: The Big Picture

Why the war on conspiracy theories is bad public policy

Judge implicates Rothschild family partners in Elitist sex cult
Activist Post

JFK- “Secret Societies Speech”

JFK: Remarks prepared for delivery at the Trade Mart in Dallas. TX, November 22, 1963 [Undelivered]

Government to Facebook pipeline reveals a corrupt mix of Social Media and the State

Health News:
Big oil is covering up these 5 health dangers of fracking
Waking Times

MSG proven highly toxic: 1 Dose causes headache in healthy subjects

Aspartame may be making you dumb: Study finds that the artificial sweetener disrupts your neurotransmitters
Natural News

Israeli scientists who announced universal cancer cure now viciously attacked by corrupt cancer industry
Natural News

Natural remedies & Nutrition herbal remedies for allergic skin reactions
Natural News

All the vaccines in the world can’t stop the Los Angles typhus epidemic that’s exploding due to third-world socialist conditions
Natural News

Shock: More than 750 supplement brands found to be tainted with drugs…
Natural News

The negative effects of statins on the brain
Natural News

Different News:
Ancient Mysteries & Science
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Other News:
New Moon in Aquarius: Proceeding with new ideas
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