The journey of an ‘earthling’
Consists of searching
To find that sparkle
To overcome every debacle
When darkness is our partner
We look for a save harbor
Deep inside our Heart
We will find that  part
Where we can embark
To get out of the dark
And search for our might
To sail into the light

Greg Hunter with Mark Taylor 2-9-19… “Trump moving Heaven’s Agenda forward for America” (and, “This not the only Trump will be in the Whitehouse”)
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EU warns diplomats of “No-go” zones in Brussels, cites influx of Russian and Chinese spies

Italy saves Europe’s dignity over US bullying of Venezuela

Graphic: Photographer’s hand blown off by police grenade during Yellow Vest Mayhem

David Wilcock: “What is Ascension? (pt 1)” Video
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SerialBrain2, 2-7-19… “Trump’s SOTU address: an amazing speech, a necklace and a secret in plain sight”
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And We Know Video 2-8-19… “SerialBrain2: Trump’s SOTU Address: An amazing speech, a necklace and a secret in plain sight”
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Venezuela is an opportunity for Russia and China to change the world

Syrian fighters begin “Final Battle” with ISIS as US Troop withdrawal looms

Late Headlines and Updates for February 9, 2019: [Videos]
Starship Earth: The Big Picture

New intel on army “training” in Los Angeles area (Videos)
Starship Earth: The Big Picture

Health News:
According to CDC stats Measles Vaccine rates are NOT declining – MMR Vaccine misinformation exposed
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Other News:
Change, Loss and uncertainty ~ Hallmarks of the Ascension Process
Vidya Frazier

What to expect when you experience without Labels/Scripts/Judgements…

Time for business: Big shift in energy & focus of actin till April 2019! Predictions for 12 signs