In our existence
One thing is very persistent
For everything we have to pay
Without a delay

For our health
And even for our wealth
If we want to be cured
We need to be insured

For a mortgage and rent
We often have to lend
From our loan
We can by a phone

It is why we get hypertension
Worrying  about our pension

And just think about all the  stress
When we need to pay our tax

By the time we die
And our family still cries
We pay tax for our inheritance
This is quiet embarrassing

And when we say rest in peace

Not only we, but also our money has ‘deceased’

How do you beat the bankers at heir own game

Everyone can feel the tension in families, in countries, in the world. Benjamin Fulford gives his opinion of what is going on behind the scenes. Let us hope that we will be able to see real change soon and keep our fingers crossed to see that there will be a smooth transition!

Benjamin Fulford 2-11-19… “Secret treaties signal massive world changes as early as March”
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