As life consumers

We need an awful lot of humor
Take ourselves less serious
And get rid of old theories
Do you remember those days
Where we relaxed and lay in the hay
We had a blast

With all these really good laughs
We couldn’t sleep
Tears of laughter streaming down our cheeks
We seem to have forgotten

How to blossom
While we are Earth’s tenants
We might as well make our lives pleasant

“A coup is a coup” – Why Venezuela’s Guaido doesn’t have a constitutional leg to stand on

Rethinking America’s Military Industrial Complex

One trader rants “It’s” time for central bankers to stop bullshitting & admit they failed”

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FCPA digest (foreign corrupt practices act)

Salvini proposes seizing control of Italy’s god reserves from Central Bank

Soros panic over populist revolt: “EU is sleepwalking into oblivion”

UK unveils plan to “transform” navy by converting ferries into warships

Suddenly Europe is an open question

Chile and the United States: Declassified documents relating to the Military Coup, September 11

Four Climate Scientists destroy Climate change alarmism
The Heartland Institute

Dutch delegation not welcome in Hungary – “They compared Hungary to Islamic State”

Health News:
Parents who don’t vaccinate kids tend to be affluent, better educated, experts say

Watch: Firefighters report neurological damage after cell tower installation near their station
Collective Evolution

Patients are dumping Benzodiazepines in favor of Cannabis to treat anxiety
Collective Evolution

Different News:
Ancient Mysteries & Science with

Other News:
As your “old” goes… make way for your “news”  to come through you

In the age of information you get what you create
Waking Times