Let go of what you thought
When your mind gets caught
Let go of who you were
And what you once heard
Let go of what you saw
And feelings that went sore

The mind needs to unlock
To think out of the box
Don’t get to serious
Open up to a new experience
And surrender

To a new adventure

Listen and become the New HUman
The Shift of Time and Energy

FBI Official admits to infiltrating Trump Campaign – Just don’t call it spying
(Link in this article)The George Papadopoulos Interview you’ve been waiting

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US troops may soon use AI to dominate the battlefield with their thoughts
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Fatima al-Fihri: Founder of the World’s first University

Conspiracy researcher David Icke banned from speaking in Australia
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The New Age deception
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Smollett bail set at $100,000: Empire star ordered to surrender passport

A massive restoration of the World’s forests would cancel out 10 years of CO2 emissions
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Health News:
Don’t worry it’s just measles”: TV  in 50s, 60s, 70s
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Cancer-linked Monsanto chemical discovered in five major orange juice brands
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How to activate autophagy: Your body’s self-cleansing system
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