Is the exit
Out of the crew
Of the EU

A Union that causes confusion

Is an illusion
Protecting us against aggression
Is their ‘biggest ‘obsession’
While ‘poor’ countries becoming poorer
With the EU as their ruler
Citizens of ‘rich’ countries pay the bill
For European Banks that go down hill
While they believe to be triumphant
It is actually how it (dys)functions

Blain: European Banks are the most successful Ponzi scheme of all time

Salvini calls for elimination of Italy’s Central Bank, “Prison time for Fraudsters

“The Bekrshire Trade”: How Deutsche Bank conspired to conceal a $1.6 Billion loss

Deutsche Bank and the fraud of too-big-to-fail

The final version of Europe’s “Meme ban” is here and it’s worse than we thought
Activist Post

Big banks money laundering: UBS fined $4.2 billion, Danske shuts down in 4 countries
Activist Post

Whistleblower shares “Standard Practice”, Central Banks System of control w/Mads Palsvig
Sarah Westall

These 17 people have secret meetings with the FED and treasury to change markets! [Video]

Shifting to Phase 2: The Mueller Report ‘disappointment’ will be just the beginning
McGabe’s troubles run much deeper than ’60 minutes’ interview suggests

“Humanitarian intervention” and the New World Order, part 3

Saul Alinsky’s 13 rules for ‘Have-Nots’ to gain Power

SerialBrain2, 2-22-19… “The bomb that went off yesterday that you probably didn’t hear” (may be of particular interest to those concerned about 5G)
Kauilapele’s Blog

Wall Street legends identified in Florida prostitution sting
R. Kelly charged with 10 counts of aggravated criminal sex abuse
Breibart News
Serial pedophile cop arrested on 80 counts of sexual abuse of children

Australian Official: Climate change is a U.N. -led conspiracy to establish a new world order
Natural News
NASA happily reports the earth is greener, with more trees than 20 years ago thanks to China & India
Collective Evolution
Snow in Vegas! 1st measurable since record keeping started
In Holland many kids from high school demonstrated against climate changes, skipping school classes. Although I believe it is very important for children to be aware of our planet earth and to be aware of how we are treating our precious earth it is not the CO2 problem.
Is the European Union involved in this uprising of our youth?
1.6 European Youth for Climate Action – European Commission
The European Union propagate the Paris Agreement

YouTube demonizes Anti-Vac channels after BuzzFeed contacts advertisers

Feminists, UN, NATO and media silent as Iraqi gang rape survivor wins Nobel Peace Prize (1,3000 Yazidis women and children still missing)

Report: ‘Empire’ cast feel betrayed, want Smollett fired…
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Apple’s HomePod 2 and Google’s nest guard take spying on your family to the next level
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Smartphone Apps sending “intensely personal information” to Facebook – wether or not you have an account

Health News:
Danger: :Your toxic sunscreen could be causing skin cancer; here’s what to look for
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Doctor explains how the HPV vaccine is linked to a rise in cervical cancer rates
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Different News;
New map of the Universe reveals 300,000 more galaxies

Linda Moulton Howe with Antarctica Whistleblowers [Video]

Other News:
Terence McKenna offers another reason to have hope for humanity
Waking Times