Why are we able

To give every one a label
Starting in the cradle

Do we have to perform
The same norm?

Who is to judge
Why do we need to adjust
Because we have a ‘smudge’

What if we lawfully
And formally
Label everyone as ‘normally’?

Although everybody is different, everyone is special: ‘Nobody on Earth is like you’!
I feel so sorry for all the people (often starting at a very  young age) who can’t find a ‘connection’ with other people because they look ‘different’ or act ‘differently’.
Please appreciate the person that you are!

Who are we to label each other? What right do we think we have to do this?  But who makes up the rules of society? Don’t we all have a label? Who is normal according to what?
All these expectations cause a lot of frustration and stress…

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