Everyday we live in the same routine

Because we seem to accept that scene
We get up, work and go to bed
A life that many of us dread
But all our principles
Are based on visions from ‘criminals’
Time for mind-blowing solutions
To build a brand new solid constitution 

We’re living in ‘The Groundhog Show’
Time to escape!
World Metamorphosis

#Q #Anon 2-26-19… Two (possibly significant) Q posts… (one related to the earlier David Wilcock synchronicity I had)
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Edge of Wonder 2-26-19… “David Wilcock: ‘Deep State can’t stop the great awakening [Part 5]
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Dr. Dave Janda 2-26-19… “President Trump & the deep state’s failed coup”
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Global News 2-26-19 (well 2-27-19, in Hanoi)… “Vietnam barber marks second Trump-Kim summit with haircuts” #HanoiSummit (hilarious)
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Questionable cooperation: Foodwatch fights Coca-Cola sponsorship for EU
Foodwatch criticizes Romanian EU Council Presidency’s partnership with Coca-Cola

Tommy Robinson upstages “Radical far left” BBC hit piece; gets immediate Facebook ban

Final steps of the multipolar revolution: containing the US in Europe

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‘Nail in the coffin’ as Australia plans to dump more than 1 million tons of sludge in Great Barrier Reef waters
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Hollywood, MSM & Silicon Valley – All strings pulled by The Pentagon-CIA master
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Health News:
Before Presidency Trump claimed he never got flu shots (or “The Flu”) and that they were a scam since 1980’s, U.S Agency paid $4B for vaccine injuries and death

CDC’s ACIP considers expanding recommendations for HPV Vaccine to ages 27 to 45
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That look when you see a pink cancer “charity” ribbon on food that causes cancer
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Nine tips for rebounding after addiction
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Different News:
Ancient Aliens: What have astronauts seen on the moon? (Season 11) History (YouTube)

Other News:
By spending time quietly within you will come to a state of self acceptance and peace which cannot be found in the world outside
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It’s all been getting more magical even when its been going sideways

A message to lightworkers
Caroline Oceana Ryan

A brutally honest guide to stop caring about what other people think
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