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A new day

As a new day arrives
Say Hello, because yesterday went by
Look at it with open eyes
See how everything ‘entwines’
You may be in for a pleasant surprise

Benjamin Fulford 22-8-19… “Bankrupt US government issues fake bonds in doomed attempt to keep afloat”
Kauilapele’s Blog

The birth of a monster (An article about The Federal Reserve)

Spreading the fake Smollett “MAGA country hate crime: A mainstream media montage

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Just kidding


Maybe not thrilling

But very fulfilling

This is a great article!
EU 2019: Italy igniting the European Spring [Video] – Italy’s Salvini calls for end of Italy’s Salvini calls for end of Italy’s Central Bank

The State expands its responsibilities in order to expand its power
Activist Post

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The rose

I saw a beautiful rose bud

Always ‘stuck in the mud’
A asked: Why don’t you bloom”?
All seems ‘doom and gloom”
Through weeds entangled
Forever strangled
I took the weeds away
They returned to stay

It made me feel so sad
I wanted it to feel glad
One morning I awoke
These words the rose ‘spoke’:

‘Now it is my duty
To show my beauty’
She felt an inner push
To become the beautiful rose-bush

Away fell the weed
People stood still to greet
Admire her beauty indeed
Her scent intense and sweet

We need to take away all the weed out of our life, before we can blossom from a rose bud into a beautiful rose bush!
We all carry our own beauty inside of us that needs to been seen!

Jordan Sather: I just interviewed with the Washington Post about Q [Video]

Two Illuminative (re: #Q #Anon) 2-15-19 Videos: An X22Report and an iPOT (one more with koala, butterfly, AND dancing cats!!)”
Kauilapele’s Blog

Deutsche Bank renegs on pledge to help distressed homeowners

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Many believe a conspiracy
Is of no validity
Of no liability
But a futility
A stupidity
A complicity
To create hostility
Through publicity

There is a lot of irony
When a conspiracy theory
In actuality
Becomes our reality
Changing our identity
And morilaity

This is a very long post. There are also the normal News articles!

Here are few articles were we can see how conspiracies came true. (Other articles take us in a direction that we may seriously think about what is going on but not yet proven, but it seems to be very suspicious)
The Government’s secret UFO Program funded Research on wormholes and extra dimensions 1-9-19… Larry King now: UFO truther Bob Lazar & filmmaker Jeremy Corbell” (and David Wilcock’s comments on this)
Kauilapele’s Blog

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Happy Valentine’s Day

When we have everything
And everything is not enough
Try to find anything
That fills your Heart with love

Full Article Benjamin Fulford 2-11-19… “Secret treaties signal massive world changes as early as March”
Kauilapele’s Blog
Ben also has a link to Planned
Some more information about: Planned Parenthood Manager offers to help sex ring, gets fired
Live Action
A 2017 follow-up live action investigation also shows Planned Parenthood didn’t report sex traffickers to authorities, as it had claimed
Live Action

(This is good news) D.C. Restaurant feeds the poor and homeless every single day

Watch Venezuela envoy Elliott Abrams lose his cool during tense exchange with Rep. Ilhan Omar

Venezuelan oil joint ventures switch to Russian Bank [Video]

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A Tree

Sometimes I wish it was me
Being that beautiful old tree

It doesn’t need a remedy
To find its destiny
It never looks in a book
It isn’t wicked nor a crook
It doesn’t go to a therapist
Knows nothing about arrogance
Just look at the big tree trunk

The tree never gets drunk
From all the juices
Coming from its roots
Leaves change CO2 in oxygen
Our life’s origen
A tree is not complicated
It never hated
It just knows

To go with its flow
Give an almighty tree the space
To live in grace

Watch MSNBC Host squirm during live update on “No Collusion” Intel Committee News

Citizens Investigative Report 2-12-19… “Potus: “Did they catch all of the references?” Yes, SIR, WE DID”
Kauilapele’s Blog

Soros confirms he is losing in Europe

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As life consumers

We need an awful lot of humor
Take ourselves less serious
And get rid of old theories
Do you remember those days
Where we relaxed and lay in the hay
We had a blast

With all these really good laughs
We couldn’t sleep
Tears of laughter streaming down our cheeks
We seem to have forgotten

How to blossom
While we are Earth’s tenants
We might as well make our lives pleasant

“A coup is a coup” – Why Venezuela’s Guaido doesn’t have a constitutional leg to stand on

Rethinking America’s Military Industrial Complex

One trader rants “It’s” time for central bankers to stop bullshitting & admit they failed”

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We always seem to pay

In our existence
One thing is very persistent
For everything we have to pay
Without a delay

For our health
And even for our wealth
If we want to be cured
We need to be insured

For a mortgage and rent
We often have to lend
From our loan
We can by a phone

It is why we get hypertension
Worrying  about our pension

And just think about all the  stress
When we need to pay our tax

By the time we die
And our family still cries
We pay tax for our inheritance
This is quiet embarrassing

And when we say rest in peace

Not only we, but also our money has ‘deceased’

How do you beat the bankers at heir own game

Everyone can feel the tension in families, in countries, in the world. Benjamin Fulford gives his opinion of what is going on behind the scenes. Let us hope that we will be able to see real change soon and keep our fingers crossed to see that there will be a smooth transition!

Benjamin Fulford 2-11-19… “Secret treaties signal massive world changes as early as March”
Kauilapele’s Blog

For information about the latest Q posts (2-9-19 & 10-19) I suggest these videos…
Kauilapele’s Blog

Salvini calls for elimination of Italy’s Central Bank, “Prison time for fraudsters”

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Your journey

The journey of an ‘earthling’
Consists of searching
To find that sparkle
To overcome every debacle
When darkness is our partner
We look for a save harbor
Deep inside our Heart
We will find that  part
Where we can embark
To get out of the dark
And search for our might
To sail into the light

Greg Hunter with Mark Taylor 2-9-19… “Trump moving Heaven’s Agenda forward for America” (and, “This not the only Trump will be in the Whitehouse”)
Kauilapele’s Blog

EU warns diplomats of “No-go” zones in Brussels, cites influx of Russian and Chinese spies

Italy saves Europe’s dignity over US bullying of Venezuela

Graphic: Photographer’s hand blown off by police grenade during Yellow Vest Mayhem

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Eyes are the mirror of the Soul

When you look in someone’s eyes

You can see if the Soul is alive
You see it when one thrives
And when one is wise
Or when one strives

Eyes show when you are shy
Filled with tears when the Soul cries

You must realize
Eyes can spy but they can not lie
Eyes no longer shine when the Soul ‘dies’

(I don’t believe a Soul dies, but the Soul leaves the body when it dies!)

David Wilcock 2-9-19… “Adcension Prohecies live stream, Part 1″
Kauilapele’s Blog

X22Report spotlight with Robert David Steele 2-8-19… “Massive swamp draining, FED takeover 16th Amendment rescinded”
Kauilapele’s Blog

Leaked WikiLeaks Doc reveals US Military use of IMF, World Bank as “unconventional” Weapons

35 Mind-blowing facts about America that previous generations never would have believed

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