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Unconditional love


When Love is unconditional
Life becomes a miracle
Your world shifts
Into a great gift

Without all the ‘buts and ifs’
Your life will lift

No expectations
Limitations and compensations

Love is believing
And forgiving

When you are touched
By unconditional love
Let it run through your veins
Let nothing intervene!

Wulf – Front Row ticket
Wulfie Music

Disinfo Maginot Line: Protecting EU from “Russian influence” by manufacturing history

The secret back story behind the outright treason of Adam Schiff

America’s “Medical Deep State” – The role of the CDC
Collective Evolution

Russel Napier: A terrible market combination has emerged that suggests it is indeed all over now

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Blackmail is the name of the game

Now I am not telling you a tale
Those in Power use Blackmail
It is how they create an invisible jail
Blackmailing  you with a trail
No matter male or female

And when you fail?
Your life is for sale
In your coffin they put their last nail

People often say if ‘a conspiracy’ would be true, many people would be talking about this subject. Because they haven’t heard anyone talk about it, it can’t be true.
But be assured those in power use blackmail, ‘they’ always know where to find you! They know where you kids go to school, where you wife works, where you parents live etc. etc. It means that once you are under their spell, there is no way of getting out of this precarious situation, unless you are willing to risk your life or the lives of your beloved family.
And when they haven’t got anything on you, don’t worry they will create a situation that will be embarrassing for you!

Flashback May 2018 – We were lied to! Secret document FCO 30/1048 kept truth about EU from British for 30 years
David Icke

X22Report 3-29-19… “[Knowingly], Treason, sedition #Flagsout”
Kauilapele’s Blog

Can the EU survive the next financial crisis?

Farage: Do you really want me back in this place? Reject the extension and let’s get on with Brexit!
EFDD Group

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News March 29, 2019

You’re a sucker if you don’t believe the system is rigged

CIA-linked Nellie Ohr gave extensive anti-trump research to high-ranking DOJ husband: Transcripts

The Vatican’s all-woman magazine was censored from reporting on priests raping nuns. The entire staff of the magazine just quit in protest

A partial list of sinister things “The Russians” have been accused of doing

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Mayday, Mayday

( The ‘Deep State is sailing on their ship (Titanic)
Colluding with an Iceberg =THE TRUTH)

Once ‘They’ were well equipped
Safely ‘sailing’ on a very very long trip
Passengers involved in special relationships
But then an iceberg they did hit

The water started to drip
First it came to their hips
But now it reaches their lips
They need to abandon ship 
And while the boat tips
The veil will lift
Exposing an awful lot of sh*t

German Coast guard trainee (I wonder what they are thinking about?)

For a very long time The Deep State ‘sailed their ship’ (Governments, agencies, Institutions, Media, Pharma, War Industry etc. etc.) ‘The passengers’ are all related to one another and they felt safe and protected on this well equipped ‘Titanic’, because these people owned everything in the World. But now, unfortunately for them, their Titanic starts to collide with The Truth and their ship is capsizing!!!
Be aware that there is so much sh*t coming out, it may sound unbelievable but it is true!
(This is just an example what monster we are dealing with)
The making of a monster: We’re all lab rats in Government’s secret experiments
Waking Times

FULL ARTICLE Benjamin Fulford 3-25-19… “Negotiations to create “world federation government” reach critical stage as Zionism implodes”
Kauilapele’s Blog

Theresa May says she will resign as prime minister if MP’s Back her Brexit deal

And We Know Video 3-27-19… “SerialBrain2: Trump taking down the Cabal and securing our children: It’s happening
Kauilapele’s Blog

Is there hope for Ukrainians, at last?

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Media Outlets opened the floodgates
About their news on Russiagate
To upgrade their selling rates
They initiated and accelerated
Division and hate in the United States
They made a big mistake
Moves failed, Their King fell: Checkmate

The Report came to the conclusion
There was No intrusion
No collusion
It was no more than an illusion…

Now they need to defend
‘The beginning of their end’  
Was there ever an end or a beginning?
They always thought they would win
But now the walls are closing in…
Maybe it is time for an investigation
In the famous Clinton Foundation

American Pravda: CNN producer says Russia narrative “bullsh*t”
Project Veritas
FED Bombshell: Fusion GPS bribed dozens of MSM journalists with cash, while News Companies paid firm to dig dirt on Trump
The Illusory Truth effect: How millions were duped by Russiagate
Waking Times
Pat Buchanan blasts Russiagate’s “bright, shining lie”

I do believe there is dirt on the President and on every single person in every government around the world, but that is NOT what Russiagate was all about!!!

Red Flag: An indicator that has predicted every recession in the last 50 years just got triggered

Home Office ‘secretly channelled 30,000 pounds to a group campaigning to legalize paedophiles in the late 1970s’, former civil servant tells Westminster child abuse inquiry

Is NATO going South
(This article is a link in the above article)The ten most lethal interventions in Latin America

EU Parliament signs off on disastrous internet law: What happens next?

Trump’s Golan gift to Israel condemned by international community [Video]

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My pride

Somewhere inside
It did reside
My pride

Not coming from an ego mind
That used to make me blind
No, this pride is of a different kind

It is why
When I show my pride, at least I try
To no longer be shy

Often pride is seen as ‘showing-off. But for me to show your pride is to dare to show your own personality, everybody should be proud about themselves!!!

Apologies to President Trump
With Mueller done, WSJ urges “Probe the real scandal”
Ilargi Meijer: “Can we lock up Rachel Maddow now?”

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There are days when we are bored
Our energy system seems ‘floored’
Not caring about anything you adored

Wanting to do nothing at all
Not even going to the mall
Or making a phone call

Just hanging in a chair
You don’t even care
About your messy hair

Otherwise we are very busy
Rushing into the city
Attending every committee

Do we ever ask ourselves why?
So let boredom-days pass by
Just accept them with a big sigh

Benjamin Fulford 3-25-19… “Negotiations to create “world federation governments” reach critical stage as Zionism implodes”
Kauilapele’s Blog

SerialBrain2, 3-23-19… “BIG BIG BIG HAPPENINGS within the 21 next days. It’s really beautiful to see!” FULL ARTICLE
Kauilapele’s Blog

BREAKING: Families, Lawyers & AE911 turret are suing the FBI

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When you are grateful
And graceful
Your life expands
Feelings extend

This insight
Takes you to a new height

It open doors
For receiving more

Sincere words that you speak
Makes you unique

Showing appreciation
Leads to transformation

Be grateful for YOU
And for all that you do

SerialBrain2 new article (link only)and an and We Know premiere at 0400 HST (1400 UTC) 3-24-19… “BIG BIG BIG HAPPENINGS within the 21 next days. It’s really beautiful to see!”
Kauilapele’s Blog

“Dad of Twins” twitter thread 3-23-19… “Helpful guides for those “Holding the Light” for this planet and for planetary transformation”
Kauilapele’s Blog

A PrayingMedic and an iPOT VIDEO 3-23-19… “About today’s Q posts”
Kauilapele’s Blog

Mark Dice 3-23-19… “IT’S HERE!” (re: Mueller report filed; no new indictments)
Kauilapele’s Blog

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The wind

In Summer we experience a warm breeze
In Winter it feels like a cold sneeze
When the wind comes out to play
I am sometimes just blown away!
I like it when the wind unwinds
Everything that is  on my mind
I just love the sensation
The feeling of a total liberation

Mainstream Belgian reporter blows the lid on MSM lies over Ghouta, Syria “Chemical attacks”
Activist Post

First lawsuit filed seeking to make Mueller public; Congress to see conclusion this weekend

Google influenced midterm elections, May have cost Republicans seats: Study

iPOT Video 3-23-19… “QAnon/News – Blockade removed” (covers #Q #Anon posts 3161-3166)
Kauilapele’s Blog

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Political Zoo

Monkey business’ in a Political zoo
On the ‘Right’ we have the baboons
The ‘Lefties’ are the chimpanzees

Catching flees in other trees

And when the elephants trumpets
The whole world jumps!
The media ‘hyena’s’ react
We read their truths as facts

It is sad, it is like watching a cartoon
We walk around like numbness gnu’s
On the other hand
Like ‘ostriches’ many bury their heads in the sand

While in front of us we watch a great show
How the old establishment will get the last blow

Politics does look like a zoo. And although in my heart I absolutely am for a democracy and I believe many people in their hearts are socialists we have gone astray in the land of politics.
President Trump is the elephant in the room and many people may disagree (it is everyone’s right) but I believe that  he is here to clean up the corruption together with many, many patriots!!!
I also believe every single being deserves to live in  peace, safety and in abundance on our beautiful planet and in these times we need to take out the ‘weed’ (Human (child)trafficking, drug trafficking, money laundering and all the corruption that has been taking place for such a long time. It takes time to legally fix an illegal system.
Also in the Netherlands there has been a significant change in our Government. And although I don’t agree with many things of the Forum for Democracy, I believe many people are waking up and asking for change, one way or the other! This is not good for the EU! 3-21-19… “Europe stares into abyss after populist Trump forces throw Socialist Dutch Government from power” (or, “Trump derangement syndrome may be ‘peaking out”’)
Kauilapele’s Blog

GC Notice: The war on Pedophilia enters a new phase

iPOT Videes (two of them) 3-21-19… “Q Anon/News – last resort, Parts 1 & 2″
Kauilapele’s Blog

#Q #Anon 3-10-19… Four Q posts from earlier today that “struck the bell” (yes, “bells” are ringing!)
Kauilapele’s Blog

Deposition reveals late Sen. McCain’s role in spygate scandal

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