In Court they introduced
‘The Truth and nothing but The Truth’
These words are used to reduce
Criminality and abuse

But many are under the impression
That ‘Truth’ is under pressure
While Might/Money are ‘suppressors’
‘The validity of Truth we can no longer measure’

X22Report 3-3-19… “The end is near, there’s no place to hide”
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Faith no more: America’s trust in mainstream media hits rock bottom

Echoes of 2016: MSNBC slanders Sanders with outright lies after Saturday speech

Benjamin Fulford 3-4-19… “Vatican bribery accounts for 6,000 so-called world leaders have been shut down” (I am still not sure what to believe of this information!)
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Watch: US drops banned white phosphorous on ISIS in East Syria

Poisoning the public: Toxic Agrochemicals and regulators’ collusion with Industry

Cosmic Waves with Corey Goode & Joan Ocean, April 8-13, 2019… (now with added speakers Elizabeth Wilcock, Ben and Rob!!))
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Late Headlines and Updates for March 3, 2019: Waking, awake, and wide awake [Videos]
Starship Earth: The Big Picture

Global Elitists are not human

Health News:
The Shamanic view of mental illness

The Herd immunity myth – Treating our children like cattle
Health Impact News

Natural Herbal HPV “cure” discovered
Collective Evolution

Homes are laden with chemicals that are increasing your risk of cancer
Natural News

40 Million adults suffer from anxiety

Different News:
Ancient Mysteries & Science with

Other News:
Kp Message 3-3-19… “Well, now what??”
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Kp Blog has reached 48,000,000 views (baby!)!! (as of Friday, 3-1-18)
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Good to know information…
World Metamorphosis