Dear Politician mind the gap
When you take your next step

You will get caught in the political web
Or fall in your own trap

Personally I believe ‘the crooks’ are on both sides of the political zoo. But this is a very interesting video to watch
#WalkAway Campaign

Fractalizingiron (via SerialBrain2) 2-23-19… “‘You are the news now’ signifies D-Day, the deployment of Q Army. Think Normandy, 1944. You have to consider what this means”
Kauilapele’s Blog

AOC Chief-of-Staff funneled $1 Million of Campaign cash into his own Companies: Report

One year on— Britain puts new roof on Skripal House of horrors

Huge (Q)drops 3/3/19 Video

QAnon: March madness, prepare [Video]

New Zealand’s “Bumbling Jihadi,” known for inadvertently tweeting his location, caught in Syria

Tensions cool down, Pakistan reopens airports
Covert Geopolitics

Spooked? Christopher Steele cancels appearance after Cohen testimony destroys dossier allegation

Huge: President Trump announces executive order requiring universities to assure freedom of speech if they want federal tax money
Natural News

Over 600 tons of leaked oil expected to ruin heritage-listed Solomon Islands Reef

Same scientists who claim “climate science is settled” just announced that Earth’s atmosphere is 50 times larger than the planet itself… oops
Natural News

Doug Casey on the climate-change hoax, Part 2

Astonishing over-sexualized inappropriate imagery found in the kids section of a Government Public Library
Collective Evolution

Poachers in Kenya now face death penalty for killing endangered species
Waking Times

Health News:
7 Things that happen to your body when you quit drinking booze
Waking Times

Other News:
Challenge yourself…
World Metamorphosis

March waves and strong shifts anticipated
Sandra Walter

Cellular muck is out of here
Welcome to Brenda’s Blog

Mercury retrograde in Pisces: Reorienting our connection to The Divine
Collective Evolution