On our lonely journey
We often feel unworthy
Overwhelmed by uncertainty

We yearn for mercy

Don’t feel offended
When someone offers you a helping hand
Just a little push
To pull you out of the woods

Benjamin Fulford 3-11-19… “Pope Francis fired as 13 bloodlines, Gnostic Illuminati negotiate end of Western civil war”
Kauilapele’s Blog

Brussels exposes its fear of Euroskeptics

Eric Peters: “Everyone is wondering what exactly is wrong with Europe”

iPOT Video 3-10-19… “Q Anon/News –  Parades or restraints?”
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Chelsea Manning refused to snitch on Wikileaks, thrown to jail again!
Covert Geopolitics

Real collusion: Leaked Documents reveal DOJ protected Steele after FBI shunning

Biochemical engineer drops bombshell facts about measles & the MMR vaccine in Washington
Collective Evolution

Benjamin Fulford -Top-level discussion between CIA and M16 about the tip-top of Western power and what’s going on behind the scenes

Bolton says US & Uk in talks to prolong Military presence in Syria

Greatest scam in history’: Greenpeace co-founder thrashes global warming ‘brainwashing’ campaign

It begins: China orders carriers to ground Boeing 737s after Ethiopian Airlines crash

What do Central Bankers know?

Journalist shows relation between ISIS and CIA (Dutch site WantToKnow

Unsolved 4Chan posts | The mystery files [Video]

Health News:
Vitamin B12 deficiency: A trigger for anxiety and depression?
Wake Up World

Different News:
Great Sphinx riddle: Evidence of HIDDEN DOOR beneath legendary Monument revealed

Other News:
Kp Message 3-10-19… “All feels well, but watching the ‘over-intel-involvement”‘
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The New Earth and the original frequency
The Shift of Time and Energy!