Deep inside (Inner Earth) Agartha
You become your own Avatar
In this Crystal World
Is where healing occurs
It all begins
From deep within
Where you transform
Into youth and beauty once more

Hollow Earth: Agartha – Complete!
The escape Atlantis | Before the flood to Inner Earth
Agartha: Inner Earth (Also very interesting!)

Inner Earth video 1 of 2 Hypnosis Session trends
Allison Coe
Inner Earth video 2 of 2 – Audio only – Hypnosis Session
Allison Coe

Strzok: Loretta Lynch’s DOJ put special ‘filter’ on Clinton emails

Grand Jury filing over use of explosives on 9/11 ‘Names names’ of who may have blown up towers

The European Union’s MANDATORY National Biometric ID card will affect 512 Million people

EU Monetary & Economic failures

And We Know Video 3-14-19… “SerialBrain2: Fast train and wacky nut job decoded”
Kauilapele’s Blog

Mr. President – Listen to (NSA Whistleblower) Bill Binney. Russiagate is a worse hoax than you thought [Video]

More US Catholics consider ditching The Church over Child sex abuse scandals
French Cardinal covered up pedophile accusations against Priest, Court says
Cardinal George Pell, former Vatican official, sentenced to 6 years in prison
Poland’s Catholich Church admits over 380 children have been sexually abused by clergy since 1990
NXIVM Sex cult leader charged with child sex exploitation possessing child porn
Jimmy Savile: Gov’t ‘knew about abuse in 1998’ – Gave him knighthood anyway

President Trump & the freedom movement are melting the deep state socialists

Health News:
Defending Health Freedom: From informed consent to implied consent
Waking Times

FDA admits most sunscreens are probably unsafe
Waking Times

Different News:
A quantum experiment suggests there’s no such thing as objective reality

Scientists break laws of Physics by ‘reversing time’ in crazy experiment

Russian Physicists create ’Time Machine’ that can move tiny particles into the past

28,000-Year-old woolly mammoth cells brought back to life by scientists

Secure Team: Discoveries on Mars: You won’t believe when you hear it… [Video]

Other News:
Becoming the Solar Flash
Ascension Path with Sandra Walter