Money making

Money faking
Acting like a Santa Claus

They pass ‘financial laws’
Creating debts instead
Because what our money lacks 
It’s no longer Gold backed
This causes a financial threat

Basically, money is backed by the hard asset that is gold in order to preserve its value. The government issuing the currency  ties its value to the amount of gold it possesses, hence the desire for gold reserves… Since gold was the most durable of all metals, it has had the most staying power (30 August, 2018)
What is the Gold Standard

2018 Europe is so weak it can’t even handle 0% interest rates
EU Monetary & Economic failures

These two articles are about ‘money creation’ in Europe, but of course it is the same in other countries we they use the same kind of making ‘funny money’.
(I must admit I know absolutely nothing about bitcoin or any other kind of financial system how it works!!! I am just talking about the financial system we are dealing with in our lives at this moment!!!)

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Health News:
Kylie cosmetics products are made with oxybenzone, a chemical with high reproductive toxicity and immunotoxicity… clueless youth think it makes them look beautiful
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65 Chemical cross-contaminants found in popular children’s vaccine INFANRIX Hexa
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Johnson & Johnson ordered to pay $29mn to woman in latest baby powder cancer case

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