Many People take ‘an Oath’
In a marriage we take it both
Words spoken about devotion
Unfortunately Oaths have been broken

Oaths taken in a Profession
Promise progression and protection
It is not just a formality
Taken for the sake of humanity

It means credibility, dignity 
Reliability and integrity 
Being sincere
Causing no harm and no fear

When you take an Oath you swear
To protect and to take care
To see that the System is fair
Meaning to share is normal not rare

(That is the real meaning of taking an Oath, unfortunately it doesn’t always seem to work this way!!!)

Benjamin Fulford 3-18-19… “Battle to free humanity from cabal control reaching vital turning point”
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Jay Taylor: Under “Basel III” rules, gold becomes money!
(A few posts ago I talked about ‘gold-backed money’. Something significant is going on, they found their own new solution for their created ‘gold-backed money’!!!:
But as Chris Powell of GATA noted, that in itself is not news. The move toward making gold equal to cash and bonds was anticipated several years ago. However, what is news is the realization by a major Italian Newspaper, II Sole/24 Ore, that “synthetic gold,” or “paper gold,” has been used to suppress the price of gold, thus enabling countries and their central banks to continue to buy gold and build up their reserves at lower and lower prices as massive amounts of artificially created “synthetic gold” triggers layer upon layer of artificially lower priced gold as unaware private investors panic out of their positions!!!

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Health News:
Harvard uncovers DNA switch that controls genes for whole-body regeneration [Video]

Dr. Brownstein on mandatory vaccines: “We don’t live in Nazi Germany where medical procedures were done with consent”

Pediatric NICU nurse comes forward to take about child vaccine injuries: “It’s been too long I have stayed silent’

Other News:
Justice is coming

Kp Message 3-17-19… “ Sometimes it jus ‘stops’ (and I’m Being OK with that)”
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Nothing in nature travels alone. All life is intertwined.
Suzanne Lie

You find peace and self-acceptance as the love that you are arises into your awareness
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We have leaped into uncharted, unfathomed unanticipated, surprising realms lets play!