You need courage
To flourish
To make a difference 
Is significant

Telling what you feel
Is letting go of your shield
You no longer hide
When your feelings you describe

You may find
By sharing what’s on your mind
That you no longer feel desolate
Because many people resonate

Edge of Wonder 3-18-19… “Corey Goode: ‘Alliance update, Antarctica, supreme brand loves Sata”’ Corrected links
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Before Roswell: The 1941 Cape Girardeau, Missouri UFO crash with extraterrestrial bodies
Collective Evolution

Update: Court prepares to unseal documents pertaining to Jeffrey Epstein’s child sex ring
Collective Evolution

Special Forces were in Christchurch for ‘snipers event’ same day as shooting

British Government Minister admits RAF Service Saudi jets bombing civilians in Yemen

Expensive & expansive NATO celebrates two anniversaries

Germany backpedals on NATO spending promise as France goes full throttle

37-Year old Turkish suspect arrested in Dutch terror shooting (Note from me, It doesn’t seem to be a terrorist attack!)

Trudeau’s too bureaucrat unexpectedly quits amid growing corruption scandal

Al Gore: Migrant caravans are victims of Global Warming

Twitter admits shadow banning Lisa Page tweet by Federalist co-founder “To keep people safe”

Sorry Global Warming alarmists, The Earth is actually cooling

Health News:
Think electroshock therapy is a medical brutality from the past? Nearly 23,000 patients were “brain shocked” in the U.K. from 2015-16
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Marijuana is a lot more than just THC – A pharmacologist looks at the untapped healing compounds
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Scientists ‘clear’ Alzeheimer’s plaque using only light and sound

Have you seen the safety warning hidden inside your cellphone?
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Different News:
Ancient Mysteries & Science with

4,000 Year old hidden Irish History uncovered with Google maps

Other News:
Indigenous leaders share the prophecy of the reunion of the Condor and Eagle [Video]
Collective Evolution

Libra Full Moon equinox March 20th – New beginnings | Healing through the mirror of relationships [Video]

Your lighthouse phase is complete
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