What we see and hear is usually the opposite of the truth!

It means when they say ‘Yes’, please say no
It means when they say ‘Do it’,  then don’t
It means when they say ‘It is safe’, there is something they hide
It means when they say ‘Go left’, then please turn to the right
It means when they say ‘It is the truth’, be sure it is a lie
Do you know why:

It is in Our History

It is their created misery
Always be alert, they want to be the ‘winner’
Especially when they tell you, you are the sinner

When you have a good product that really works then you don’t have to sell it, ‘it sells itself’. (Think about vaccines)
The more they want to protect you from ‘fake news’ the more you should be on guard, it means they are scared and they will do anything to defend themselves.
Actually it is very childish when you look at the mechanism, it is called PROJECTION they are showing you exactly what they try to hide, it is in your face!!

Ole Dammegard | Title withheld to mitigate censorship

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I totally agree with this message. I believe there is something big going on behind the scenes!
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