FULL ARTICLE Benjamin Fulford 3-18-19… “Battle to free humanity from cabal control reaching vital turning point”
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#Q #Anon 3-20-19… HUGE number of Q posts (3131-???) related to (exposing) human trafficking, etc.
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Real Collusion: Ukraine launches criminal investigation into pro-Hillary Election meddling

Forget ‘Project Fear’, this is what a “hard Brexit” could mean for the UK
Thousands of EU troops arrive n UK for ‘Major Exercise’ day after Brexit
How Brexit and integrity initiative exposed Britain’s foreign policy plans for Europe

European Parliamentary bloc suspends Fidesz as Hungary’s feud with Brussels deepens

SerialBrain2, 3-20-19… “The Cabal’s desperate moves to stop Trump and Infowars deception”
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Evidence indicates link between North Korean Embassy break-in and Christchurch attacks

Trump denounces perverted TSA child gropers: “Not a good situation!”

UN works with Intelligence contractors to destabilize North Korea dialogue

A Detroit Church is paying homeless people to clean up the city
Waking Times

AOC’s “Green New Deal” seeks to eliminate the very molecule that turns planets green. Carbon dioxide, the “molecule of life”
Natural News

The Pentagon’s bottomless money pit

Gucci is selling $870 sneakers that look dirty

Health News:
Got cancer? Same company that manufactured Vietnam War’s Orange and Holocaust’s poisonous gas makes deadly American medicine and food
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“I tried every diet & nothing worked” how mucus free living saved this woman’s life
Collective Evolution

Covert chemical warfare – 100,000 deaths a year
Waking Times

Second U.S. Jury finds Bayer/Monsanto guilty of causing cancer

Doctors reverse decades old Aspirin recommendation: Deadly risks outweigh benefits for heart disease & stroke

Other News:
The Crystals, the Earth, and all lifeforms are one consciousness.
Dianne Robbins

A time of transformation
Openhearted Rebellion

Supermoon in Libra: Relationship adjustments
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